Websites that will make the work of Graphic Designers easier

Economy 18 January 2022 15:10 (UTC +04:00)
Websites that will make the work of Graphic Designers easier

Graphics is a field of visual art that has a long history since ancient societies. Graphic design, an art form in which images are conveyed to the other side using images, has a very important role to play.

While graphic design draws attention with its applications in modern life and in any environment, it is possible to come across graphic design products in many areas, from packaging to sign systems, from printing to banners.

This profession, called graphic design and has a long history, is now practiced on digital platforms. Graphic design research resulting from a creative effort is used in many fields.

When companies want to reach their target audiences, they can use graphic design elements to bring their products to market. The work of graphic designers can be found even in food packaging or poster design.

In the past, work in the field of graphic design was carried out with brushes and various pens, but as a natural result of evolving technologies, research in this area is carried out mainly by computers.

By combining talent and imagination, research in the field of graphic design emerges. One of the most important elements of design, color has a very significant effect on visual perception.

During the presentation of graphic design, the artist's imagination, creative effort, cultural features and the tools he uses are influential in the creation of the work as a whole. Works that appear in this branch of art; results from the use of many elements, such as balance, contrast, proximity, adaptation, scale, movement, or emphasis.

What are the areas of graphic design?

Graphic design can find its place in many areas of modern life. One of the topics of interest for many is What Are the Areas of Graphic Design? There is information on the question. As for graphic design, it is possible to work in the following areas:

  • Logo design
  • website design
  • Illustration
  • Typography
  • corporate identity designs
  • Poster, billboard, brochure designs
  • Business cards, catalogs, labels, packaging designs

Who is a Graphic Designer?

Graphic designers working on the art of graphic design can create works on many topics, such as websites, books, magazines, product packaging, posters. Graphic designers with creative personalities are expected to have a wide imagination and be aware of various technological programs.

There are certain programs and sites used in graphic design, let's look at some of them:

Freepik - You can meet your graphic design needs such as background, logo, icon, vector design with Freepik. On the site, where both paid and free designs are available, you can use ready-made designs by making changes to file formats such as AI, PSD, EPS, TTIF. Freepik, which also includes vector designs, will be one of the most visited sites for design.

Pixeden - Mock-Up files are undoubtedly one of the most used by designers. Thanks to Mock-Up files, you can see what your design looks like in any environment and use it when presenting it to your customers. Like Freepik, Pixeden offers free Mock-Up options for the designs you create.

Behance - Behance is one of the first sites visited by those who want to improve themselves in the field of design. On the site where users share their portfolios, you should definitely look at the shared designs in which you want to improve yourself.

Creativeblog - If you want to do professional work in graphic design, Creativeblog is for you. Creativeblog, which provides access to many content such as design trends, drawing techniques and useful resources, has articles that minimize common errors in designs. Use the site to better understand concepts such as UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) and to improve yourself.

Graphic Burger - An alternative to Pixeden and Freepik, Graphic Burger has very useful content, especially for people who want to design social media images. For example, if you run an Instagram account and are looking for innovative stories and post designs, Graphic Burger will be more than enough for you.

Photopea - If you want to do something without installing any design software on your computer, Photopea has exactly the features you are looking for. Providing design capabilities on the website, Photopea helps you manage many simple processes without the need for any software. Being able to use it without requiring a membership makes it one step ahead of other design sites.

Dribble - A site like Behance, Dribble is perfect for anyone looking for design inspiration or wanting to share their portfolio. On a site where thousands of new designs are added every day, you can find the best examples you want to develop yourself.

Canva - You need to be a member to be able to design in Canva with features like Photopea. Featuring the motto of free forever, Canva has features that can meet your needs in many areas. In addition to graphic design, the site also helps you edit videos and present presentations.

Design Inspiration - The best logos, images, websites, photos and patterns of the most talented designers in the world are reflected to facilitate the work of each designer.

Baubauhaus is designed to meet your daily needs in design, illustration, photography, fashion and above all art.

Shutterstock - Shutterstock inspires graphic designers, creative directors, video editors, filmmakers, web designers and other creative professionals by providing a variety of content to businesses, marketing agencies and media outlets around the world. The developers are adding their work to Shutterstock, a platform that users buy and use for a variety of personal and business projects.

Free vector sites for graphic designers:

Many vector sites are paid, which means that reaching vectors that will make the work of graphic designers easier is sometimes very expensive. In addition, even if you find a free vector site, you will not be able to find solutions for your needs due to poor quality content. For this reason, we have also mentioned the sites that provide free vector services for "help":

Vexels - Formerly known as VectorOpenStock, Vexels offers thousands of free vector graphics and designs to users with an easy and user-friendly interface. This site is an online editor that allows you to personalize and edit vector designs, add new elements, and change things like colors and text through your browser.

Flaticon - FlatIcon has more than 480,000 free vectors. The site's database is full of free icons in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64 formats; so whatever the type of vector you are looking for, you can find it here. In addition, let's not forget that these icons are collected in more than 9,000 groups.

BrandEPS - With more than 9,000 brand logos and more than 3,000 brand symbols, BrandEPS can be the first address you contact when you need a logo in a hurry! BrandEPS, which stores JPG and PNG files as well as SVG files, is one of the best free vector service sites offering free downloads. It has a user-friendly interface and the search button can answer your queries very well. If you say, "I don't know exactly what I want," you can have an idea by looking at the vectors in the title of the latest works and finish your work in a short time.