Discontents in World Azerbaijanis Congress Once Again

Politics Materials 6 February 2008 17:33 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 6 February/ corr. Trend S. Ilhamgizi/ Once again, the discontent has arisen in the World Azerbaijanis Congress (WAC). Gulamrza Sabri Tabrizi-the chairman of the Congress has been removed from his post, Eldar Garadaghli, the member of the Board of Directors of the organization said to Trend. According to Garadaghli, the chairman was not shown confidence in the WAC meeting held in the Belgian capital of Brussels on 2 February. Some 12 Board members and some other WAC members have been reported, as the ones who took part in the meeting.

According to Garadaghli, Tofig Malikov, Samad Fartash, Faramaz Guluzadeh, Abuzar Bagirov, Adil Minbashi and the others said that the activities of the chairman are insufficient and therefore demanded his resignation. However, Tabrizi did not accept his resignation.

The meeting, at the end, decided to remove Tebrizi from the post of the chairman, and to establish an organizational committee for the preparation of the emergency meeting of WAC and the transfer of the management to the organization to this committee.

Ali Rza Amanbayli, the head of the coordination and information center of the Congress, denied this information in his interview to Trend, and said that it impossible to remove the chairman from his post without the quorum of the Board of Directors. He said that 12 out of 17 members of the Board support Gulammirza Tebrizi and there are only 5 members who do not support him. "Each of them who oppose Tebrizi, claim to be the chairman. They are even rivals to each other, as all of them want to take up the post of chairman," Amanbayli said.

According to Amanbayli, the former chairman of WAC Javad Derekhti and his supporters are taking the advantage of the discontents within the organization, and are attempting to degrade the authority of the Congress. If the supporters of Derekhti and Eldar Garadaghli will hold the separate meetings, that will be illegitimate, he added.

WAC was divided into two parts in 2003, the first division opposed Javad Derekhti and broke away and functioned on behalf of WAC. Later, the division changed his name into Democratic WAC. Gulammirza Tebrizi was elected the chairman in the meeting of the Congress held in summer 2007. However, several months after the meeting, the supporters of Derekhti- the former chairman, accused Tebrizi of inactivity and demanded his resignation. The supporters of Derekhti plan to hold their own meeting on behalf of WAC.