Mujahids should be Charged with Providing Security of Country: Afghani MPs

Politics Materials 25 August 2008 19:39 (UTC +04:00)
Mujahids should be Charged with Providing Security of Country: Afghani MPs

Afghanistan, Kabul, 25 August/ Trend , corr A. Hakimi/ Some members of the Afghani parliament demand the government to make mujahids responsible for the security of the country in order to put a stop to security crisis

At present, the most acute problem facing of Afghanistan is the increase in the number of factors undermining stability and diminishing hope of the citizens of for the future of the country. The undermining of stability is the key factor impeding development. The great majority of citizens strive for providing security and creating new jobs. Problems prompted by the undermining of stability creates gap between population and government.

So far the world community and Afghanistan has not taken significant steps for the sake of security of the country. The absence of stability will lead to the increase in the unemployment, lack of investments to economic processes and industry.

The correspondent of Trend in Kabul reported on 25 August that experts point to the absence of unity among armed forces, police and foreign forces, inexperience of security forces of Afghanistan as reasons of instability within the country. On 24 August, the Afghani parliament discussed providing security of the country. 

One of the leaders of Mujahids in Afghanistan Rasul Sayyafi said at his speech in the parliament that the security of the country should be trusted to those who have enough experience in this sphere. He added that if this task is commissioned to mujahids, they will guarantee the security of the country. According to Sayyafi, mujahids who won over Russians and fought with Talibs, will guarantee security in Afghanistan. He added that if the government will not charge mujahids with providing stability, the nation will be obliged to provide their security themselves.

Some political experts believe that if muhajids are charges with providing stability, a war will begin between families and tribes. The community has not forgotten yet the dispute between those yearning for accession to power.

The others believe that if the armed forces of Afghanistan are charged with providing security, the facts of murder of citizens will decrease and people will trust the government more.

At present, some 75,000 people are employed in the National Police and Armed Forces of Afghanistan. But this is not enough to protect the borders of Afghanistan and security of the country. Member of the Afghani parliament Vahid Meristial Yektan accused the leaders involved in security sphere of not fulfilling their obligations.

He stated that some government officials are appointed to their post through bribery.

Yektan asked the parliament to urge the public figures on security to make a report about their activities. The entrepreneurs and population are displeased with the increase in the facts of armed robbery, murder and undermining of stability.

Several representatives of Heart in Senate and parliament of Afghanistan held a press conference and stated that the situation in Heart is grave.

Vice speaker of Afghanistani parliament Saleh Muhammad Saljuqi stated if no security measures will be taken in Herat, the residents of the town will demonstrate against it. So far the representatives from Herat have warned official circles on the increase in the cases of undermining of stability in this province.

Saljuqi said that no serious measures have been taken so far. Representative from Heart Behzad stated that a lot of entrepreneurs working in Herat plan to leave this province.

The government is also responsible for increase in the armed robberies, murder and crimes. The government is informed about the increase in the crimes ad who commits them, he said.

The facts of undermining of stability are increasing every day.

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