There is Need to Set up New Opposition Parties in Azerbaijan: Department Head of Presidential Administration

Politics Materials 23 September 2008 14:43 (UTC +04:00)
There is Need to Set up New Opposition Parties in   Azerbaijan: Department Head of Presidential Administration

Azerbaijan, Baku, 23 September/ Trend , corr I. Alizade/ The Azerbaijani government says there is a need to set up new opposition parties in Azerbaijan.

"Given the participation of several opposition persons in the upcoming presidential elections, new efficient parties may be set up in two to three years," Elnur Aslanov, head of Political Analysis and Dateware Department of Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan said to Trend .

The presidential elections in Azerbaijan will be held on 15 October.

"When we repeatedly stressed the need for new opposition parties in Azerbaijan, we relied on the political analysis. Leaders of several opposition parties hold their chairs so strongly that by not conceding to anybody, they lead their organization to total regress which harms political space, Aslanov said. The members of these parties await updating which leads to resignation of some activists as there is no other way out, he said.

"The presence of opposing organizations is an incentive for more progress for any society. Constructive opposition is important factor for Azerbaijani government who chose democratic development as a priority of the national strategy. Opposition's decision to boycott elections will not have any impact on the attitude of international organizations toward presidential elections," Aslanov said.

At early September, parties included in Azadlig bloc the (the Popular Front Party, the Liberal Party and the Citizen and Development), the Musavat Party and the Public Forum 'For Azerbaijan' signed a joint statement on recognition of the presidential elections to be held on 15 October as illegitimate. Government to be formed after the presidential elections, are announced as illegitimate in the statement.

"International organizations did not understand the reason of current steps of opposition. Joining elections means the political organization is functioning," Aslanov said.

There are usually two reasons for not taking part in elections: either little public support or possibility of dissolution of political organization. Given equal conditions provided for all candidates, refusal to take part in the elections can be described only as a probable withdrawal from the political scene by leaders of these political organizations. As a whole, it is high time for all candidates to yield their post to new generation," official of Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan said.

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