Expert: Failure of military operations in Libya guarantees West's non-interference in Syria

Politics Materials 12 July 2011 21:05 (UTC +04:00)
Expert: Failure of military operations in Libya guarantees West's non-interference in Syria

Azerbaijan, Baku, July 12 /Trend, A.Tagiyeva/

Having failed in the military operations in Libya, the West was convinced that the intervention in the events in the Arab world does not give a positive result and this guarantees West's non-interference in the affairs of Damascus in the future, said Ali al-Amin, editor of the Lebanese "Lubnan" newspaper.

"The West has a bitter experience of military intervention in the affairs of Arab countries. The West will not repeat this mistake in Syria," Amin told Trend by telephone from Beirut.

French Defence Minister Gerard Longuet said that the Armed Forces of France curtail operations in Libya. He said the bombing will be stopped as soon as the representatives of the Transitional National Council and the troops of Muammar Gaddafi hold peace talks. The French authorities acknowledged that the military action in this case will not achieve anything, so Paris will try to find a political solution to conflict.

According to Amin, the attacks on the U.S. and French embassies in Syria are not provoked by the military intervention of these countries, their governments are limited to criticism of Damascus.

"Undoubtedly, the relations between Damascus and Washington will worsen, and the U.S. government will conduct covert propaganda against President al-Assad. However, this incident will not be a reason for the open intervention," he said.

A group of supporters of President Bashar al-Assad on Monday attacked on the U.S. embassy in Damascus, no one was wounded during the attack. According to the representative of the embassy, the Syrian government demonstrated slowness and late took measures to provide additional security of the embassy. On the same day, a clash broke out between supporters of the Syrian authorities and guarding staff near the Embassy of France in Damascus. As a result, three French embassy employees were wounded.

Syria on Tuesday criticized as "provocative" remarks by the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that President Bashar al-Assad had "lost legitimacy" and was "not indispensable."
According to Amin, the main cause of USA's non-interference in the affairs of Damascus is the fear of the Obama Administration before the Congress, which has criticized U.S. involvement in military operations in Libya and spoke against arms sales to Libya's opposition.

"Not completing its mission in Libya, the U.S. would not risk to take responsibility for the conduct of operations in Syria as well," said the expert.

Amin also said that European countries and the UN Security Council would not decide to start any operation against Syria without the U.S. participation.

According to him, the military intervention in Syria is also disadvantageous for the Western countries from the economic point of view. The war in Libya has damaged the economies of these countries, the countries simply can not stand the greater economic damage, he said.
Amin does not exclude that the Syrian government will be under increasing pressure from the West and the UN and possibly the use of additional sanctions against Damascus.

Syria is already covered by the fourth month of mass protests, which began in mid-March in Dera'a, and then spread to other parts of the country. Syrian human rights activists report that in clashes with security forces killed more than 1,350 people. According to official data, more than 340 military and security forces were killed when the events of the actions of "armed terrorist elements" began.