Azerbaijan rejects Armenia's unfounded accusations before UN Security Council – French media

Politics Materials 19 September 2022 20:09 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijan rejects Armenia's unfounded accusations before UN Security Council – French media

BAKU, Azerbaijan, September 19. French Lagazetteaz.fr online newspaper published an article titled "Azerbaijan rejects Armenia's unfounded accusations before the UN Security Council, convened by France", Trend reports.

The article says Azerbaijan resolutely denied Armenian representative's groundless allegations during the September 16 session, stating that these accusations testified to Armenia's unwillingness to fulfill its international obligations promoting peace, stability, and cooperation in the region.

"It's ironic to see Armenia, which has occupied Azerbaijan's territories for 30 years and practiced ethnic cleansing, is now claiming principles that it continues to violate and appealing to the Security Council, whose resolutions the country refuses to implement, hoping that its impunity will last forever," the article cited Permanent Representative of Azerbaijan to the UN Yashar Aliyev.

By resorting to political and military provocations on the border, Armenia is trying to evade the application of the agreements signed between the two countries, impede the normalization of interstate relations, involve third parties in resolving bilateral issues, expand the tension area to support its territorial claims and revenge ideas.

"Azerbaijan is a proponent of regional peace, stability, and development. Establishing neighborly relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan is the key to creating a secure, sustainable, and prosperous future in the South Caucasus through full-fledged normalization of relations," the article said.

The article also covered that the border delimitation and demarcation, as well as the opening of transport communication through the activities of a bilateral commission, are two directions in the process of interstate normalization.

In addition, the article stressed that it was Azerbaijan, which initiated the process of normalizing interstate ties with Armenia, based on mutual recognition and respect for each other's sovereignty and territorial integrity within internationally recognized borders, as well as signing a peace treaty based on these principles.