74 people left Mussavat Party

Politics Materials 5 September 2006 16:23 (UTC +04:00)

74 members of Barda area organization of Mussavat Party announced their leaving and joining Azerbaijan Yolu Movement, Trend reports with reference to the Movement.

The application they have signed says the following: В"Choosing Mussavat, we thought it would be committed to its history and Rasulzadehs way. Unfortunately, the party failed to fulfill both its historical mission and routine goals. It turned into a personal facility of a few people. Therefore, we decided to take our leave of MussavatВ".

The initiative group of Azerbaijan Yolu Movement in Barda was established a week ago. All 74 former members of Mussavat have joined this group.

Azerbaijan Yolu Political Movement headed by Lieutenant-general Ilgar Gasimov includes 5 parties and over 50 NGOs