If U.S. Congress Makes a Decision against Turkey, it Will Cause Great Tension Ambassador

Politics Materials 2 February 2007 17:02 (UTC +04:00)

The question of so-called Armenian genocide may be discussed in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. If they make a decision against Turkey, it will cause great tension, said the Ambassador of Turkey to Azerbaijan, Huseyn Avni Garsioglu. He said that Turkey makes necessary warning so such tension does not emerge and believes that it will not happen. Answering the question on will Turkey stop military and economical relations with Washington if the USA recognizes so-called Armenian genocide?, the Ambassador replied that after France recognized so-called Armenian genocide, Turkey stopped military relations with this country.

Garsioglu also touched upon the situation in Kerkuk. He said that Turkey has warned its allies, including USA, of the danger in Kerkuk, which may cause serious problems. Don't open Pandora box, if the box is open, large danger will emerge and it will be very difficult to close it, the diplomat said.