Keira Knightley's bedroom orders

Society Materials 21 September 2007 12:49 (UTC +04:00)
Keira Knightley's bedroom orders

(femalefirst.co.uk) - Keira Knightley loves being ordered about in the bedroom.The 'Atonement' actress admitted she found her highly charged sex scene with James McAvoy exciting because she loved being told what to do by director Joe Wright.

Keira told BANG Showbiz: "It was actually quite an exciting thing to do.

"Joe was brilliant. He put the whole thing on a story board - the foot rising out of the shoe, biting the lip, everything.

"We knew exactly what was going on, which makes it a lot easier.

You have to deal with these things, particularly when it's that important a scene and particularly when it has to be that erotic.

"It was imperative that scene was incredibly erotic and incredibly passionate, because you have to believe as an audience these characters, based on that moment, wait for each other for four or five years."

Keira, 22, admits filming such a sexual scene in front of her filmmaker friend Joe - who directed her in 'Pride and Prejudice' - was embarrassing.

The Oscar nominee revealed: "Obviously it's never going to be the most comfortable thing to do, and particularly when your mate is directing you. And you suddenly think, 'Oh s**t I don't really want to do this.' But it became a laugh.

"It was part of my job, I'm an actress. It's very obvious that love scene is incredibly important.

"I think all that you've got as an actress is your face and your body, what's inside my head, my voice. They're my tools and I have to use them."