BHOS Presidential Scholar: ‘For me, Kelbajar is Azerbaijan, the Motherland revived in memories’

Society Materials 19 January 2021 11:52 (UTC +04:00)
BHOS Presidential Scholar: ‘For me, Kelbajar is Azerbaijan, the Motherland revived in memories’

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Jan. 19


Zarifa Shahbazzadeh, a graduate of secondary school No. 108 of the Kelbajar region, is one of 22 students of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) who were awarded the Presidential Scholarship this year in accordance with the Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Awarding Presidential Scholarship to the students recruited to HEIs of Azerbaijan in 2020/2021 academic year".

After graduating from the secondary school with honors, she entered the Information Security Department of BHOS by scoring 690 points in the entrance exams.

During the interview, Zarifa Shahbazzadeh shared her impressions of the Presidential Scholarship awarded to her, and also expressed her feelings about the liberation of the Kelbajar region from the enemy occupation.

“Today the people of Azerbaijan are experiencing one of the glorious and proud pages of their country's history. I am very happy to be a witness to this history. This glorious victory was achieved thanks to the heroism shown during the war by the invincible Azerbaijani army led by Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev. Kelbajar is Azerbaijan! Kelbajar is the Motherland, which I could not see, but which revived in memories”!

- Zarifa, what memories of Kelbajar did your family members and relatives share with you?

- My grandmother's endless recollections of Kelbajar made me feel as if I lived there. When she talked about the steep cliffs, the magnificent nature and the mysterious beauty of this region, I was seized with a feeling of hatred for the vile enemies who settled there.

- What did you feel when you learned that your native land was liberated from occupation?

- Every inch of the occupied Motherland is dear to me. The expulsion of the enemy from every inch of our native land evokes a sense of pride in us. It's nice to hear again the sound of Azan in mosques.

I am very glad that I can go to Kelbajar, Shusha, see high mountains, enjoy the beauty of this land.

- Did any of your relatives take part in the Patriotic War? Did you yourself participate actively in the information war?

- The bitter truth is that we have martyrs because of the war we fought for our land, honor and pride. They shed their blood for this glorious victory! Our soldiers showed courage and did not succumb to the enemy’s tricks. I bow to them. My mother's cousin took part in the Patriotic War. Each of us had to show solidarity, unity and friendship in this war. This was a very important condition for victory. Despite the fact that the enemy was constantly watching us and trying to discourage us with negative thoughts, the unity shown by our unyielding people, both on the battlefield and in the virtual world, has become an example for the whole world. Each of our President's addresses to the people became a historic event, and with his last address, delivered on November 10, President Ilham Aliyev put an end to the 28-year occupation of Azerbaijani lands. The people of Azerbaijan have once again proved that our flag is unshakable and that it will always keep flying high. Yes, I was just as active on social media as all of my peers.

- This year you were awarded a Presidential Scholarship. We congratulate you on this success. How did you feel when you first heard the news about it?

- 2020 was a year of contrasts. I had to change my lifestyle in order to properly prepare for university entrance exams, and I was able to achieve my goal. I scored 690 points and was admitted to the Information Security Department of Baku Higher Oil School. The Order concerning the scholarship was quite unexpected, as President Ilham Aliyev issued it at a time when the war was going on. I felt proud for the leadership of our republic, which continued to show concern for our youth in a very difficult time for the country.

- Why did you choose to study at Baku Higher Oil School?

- I received detailed information about Baku Higher Oil School from the BHOS students whom I knew, graduates of our secondary school and other sources. Analyzing this data, I came to the conclusion that I can get a quality education and become a competent specialist studying at Baku Higher Oil School. My goal is to graduate from the university with honors and get a Master's degree in order to become a professional and qualified specialist.