Superb offers from Nar for customers! (FOTO)

Society Materials 15 October 2021 08:58 (UTC +04:00)
Superb offers from Nar for customers! (FOTO)

Each customer can easily benefit from the services and tariffs of Nar to meet their needs and requirements.

Subscribers may use single packs which combine both talk on a mobile phone without interruption and use high-speed internet.

Nar's ‘Unikal’ tariff is an excellent choice if you prefer to enjoy long conversation and communicate without interruption. This tariff allows you to talk to all destinations in the country at a single price. In addition, this tariff does not have additional terms and subscription fees. Detailed information about the ‘Unikal’ tariff is available at https://www.nar.az/en/unikal/. Text the keyword ‘Unikal’ to the short number 777 and join the tariff now.

Along with the call service, Nar also offers favorable internet packages to stay online at all times and enjoy uninterrupted internet. Choose one of Nar's internet packages if you are looking for high-speed internet to have fun, solve daily tasks, spend time on social media etc. You can visit https://www.nar.az/en/limitsiz-internet-paketler/ or text the keyword ‘Internet’ to 777 to get more information about the available internet packages offered by Nar.

Striving to apply an individual approach towards their customers, the mobile operator also has a suitable offer for those who want to get everything they want immediately. Thus, customers looking for convenience and flexibility in the use of Internet and call services may join ‘FULL’ packages. Domestic minutes, plenty of internet and bonuses are included in one package. In addition, users of ‘FULL’ packages have the opportunity to exchange minutes to megabytes and megabytes to minutes with the ‘Exchange’ service. Detailed information about ‘FULL’ packages can be obtained at https://www.nar.az/en/full/ or by texting ‘FULL’ to 777.

More information about Nar's products and services can be obtained from Call Center 777, online chat service of social media pages, Nar+ application, as well as Nar Service and sales centers.

Author: Farid Aliyev