Azerbaijan's Heydar Aliyev Center to host "Uzun Hasan - ruler of Aghgoyunlu State" expo

Society Materials 28 September 2023 15:55 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijan's Heydar Aliyev Center to host "Uzun Hasan - ruler of Aghgoyunlu State" expo
Asif Mehman
Asif Mehman
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, September 28. The Heydar Aliyev Center will host the opening of another unique exhibition - "Uzun Hasan - ruler of Aghgoyunlu State" on November 1, which will become an excursion into the history of Azerbaijan, Trend reports.

This is the first exhibition dedicated to the ruler of Aghgoyunlu State Uzun Hasan.

Through the exhibits of the exhibition, it will be possible to learn about the history of the Aghgoyunlu State, founded by the outstanding statesman and commander Uzun Hasan, and about its role in the history of Azerbaijani statehood.

Visitors will have the opportunity to get acquainted with many rare exhibits, including those stored in the Istanbul Military Museum (Harbiye Military Museum and Cultural Site Command), which have not yet been exported outside Türkiye. These exhibits will be presented in Azerbaijan for the first time.

This year marks the 600th anniversary of the birth of the founder of the Aghgoyunlu State, Uzun Hasan (1423–1478). The sections of the exhibition "Uzun Hasan and the Aghgoyunlu State", "Internal and Foreign Policy of the Aghgoyunlu State", "Culture and Art in the Aghgoyunlu State", "Sara Khatun, the first female diplomat in the history of Azerbaijan", "Despina Khatun," and others will present information about Sultan Uzun Hasan, his mother, Sara Khatun, who, as a result of diplomatic negotiations, managed to prevent many wars. They will also be presented with information about Uzun Hasan's wife, Despina Khatun, whose beauty charmed everyone.

At the "Internal and Foreign Policy of the Aghgoyunlu State" exhibition, visitors will get acquainted with the policy pursued by Sultan Uzun Hasan and how he managed to turn the Aghgoyunlu State from a small kingdom into a large empire.

In addition, the exhibition will also feature the armor of Uzun Hasan, his son and successor, Yagub Beg, and the weapons of Azerbaijani soldiers of the XV century. It will also be possible to see replicas of Uzun Hasan's sword and dagger, stored in a private collection and made according to the technologies of the XV century, items of military equipment of archers of that time.

Moreover, the "Culture and Art in the Aghgoyunlu State" exhibition is given a special place. Here visitors will be presented with photo materials reflecting the development of culture, including architecture and art in Aghgoyunlu State and copies of miniatures presented by the Topkapi Palace Museum. The exhibition will feature exhibits from the Aghgoyunlu period from the collections of the National Museum of History of Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijan State Museum of Art, the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum, the Ganja State History and Ethnography Museum, and the National Library of Azerbaijan.

Among the exhibits, visitors can see the official clothes of the ruler of Aghgoyunlu State, created on the basis of Tabriz miniatures from the 1470s–80s. Carpets with the image of a rare Tabriz miniature of the 15th century were made especially for the exhibition. The exhibition will feature coins belonging to the Aghgoyunlu State, ceramic samples found during archaeological excavations, and copper objects.

Some information related to the Aghgoyunlu State will also be presented using multimedia and interactive tools. In addition, with the help of an interactive map, visitors will get acquainted with the borders of Aghgoyunlu State, trade routes that passed through its territory, cities, and magnificent structures.

A documentary film dedicated to Uzun Hasan will be shown in the cinema hall.

The souvenir section of the exhibition will be one of the places that will also attract the interest of visitors. Souvenirs dedicated to Aghgoyunlu State, Uzun Hasan, and other interesting samples will be presented here.

The Heydar Aliyev Center prepared the "Uzun Hasan, ruler of Aghgoyunlu State" book in Azerbaijani and English.

The exhibition will last until January 17, 2024.