Congress of Russian Azerbaijanis Ready to Render Assistance to Azerbaijanis in relation to Adoption of New Legislation in Russia

Society Materials 24 November 2006 19:00 (UTC +04:00)

The Congress of Russian Azerbaijanis (CRA) and its regional departments are ready to render qualified assistance to Azerbaijanis in relation with adoption of the new legislation in Russia, the first Deputy Executive Director of the CRA, Gunduz Hamzayev, exclusively informed Trend Special Correspondent in Moscow.

He said that according to the decision of the Russian Government, from January 15, 2007, foreigners will be prohibited to engage in the trade in the spheres of pharmaceutics and oncology. On April 1, the law will enter into force, prohibiting the foreign citizens to get involved in the retail trade.

Mr. Hamzayev said that this law is adopted to regulate the situation in the market. Adopting and implementing this law is in the competence of the Russian state bodies. As public organizations, we may express different attitudes to this law, but its cancellation is not in our disposal, Hamzayev said. He also said that there are officials in the Moscow Administration, who do not agree with the law and express their free opinions in the media.

According to Hamzayev, most of the Azerbaijanis already have Russian citizenship and the adoption of the law will not affect them. CRA may provide assistance in registration of documents of the Azerbaijanis and in separate cases, offer new workplaces. For instance, there is a collective farm in Chuvashi that is ready to present workplaces. Many proposals are coming from Saint-Petersburg, Tula and other cities of Russia, Hamzayev said. He said that the President of CRA is the member of the commission created by the Azerbaijani parliament and CRA will further look into this issue.