Webasto's Innovative Car Roofs Hit Geneva

Business Materials 16 February 2008 08:57 (UTC +04:00)
Webasto's Innovative Car Roofs Hit   Geneva

( WCF ) - If you can't stand the heat, as the saying goes, leave the kitchen. In this case, better call Webasto. Possibly what some might label a very boring company - let's face it, car roofs and air conditioning systems aren't exactly fire under our bellies - yet Webasto is the leader in roof mechanisms for some of the world's most stylish convertibles. They are behind MINI's innovative convertible roof, as well as VW's quiet 5-piece Eos hard-top, with all those complex hydraulic systems.

Come Geneva Motor Show 2008, Webasto will be under the spotlight, so to speak, as the unveil their newest products, the Webasto LigHT Concept, which is an innovative roof concept featuring a hybrid top with a new material mix. This will be shown on a roadster design study for demo purposes. Then there is the Liquid Heat Generator, a new heat-generating auxiliary system. Remember that Webasto developed the solar sunroof that runs a blower located inside the car to cool it when the engine is off while it's blazing hot outside. Clever this, using the sun to cool things down in the car's interior. No more sunburn at the parking lot outside the mall on Saturday.

Something Webasto calls "The roof of the future" will also make its appearance at Geneva. Touted as a fantasy concept, designers were given the brief to go wild and go beyond the classic convertible roof we are used to.