Turkish Embassy Denies Information on Import of Low Quality Turkish Poultry to Azerbaijan

Business Materials 23 February 2008 12:15 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 22 February / Trend / The statement by the Society of Republic Poultry Farmers of Azerbaijan which says that the frozen poultry imported to Azerbaijan from Turkey is of law quality is false, the Turkish Embassy in Azerbaijan said.

The Embassy said that there is no any decrease in the sale of poultry in Turkey due to avian flu and no sale of returned and expired goods.

"The statement of the Society of Republic Poultry Farmers is false," Embassy said.

In December 2007 the Society of Republic Poultry Farmers of Azerbaijan said that the sale of the poultry of domestic produce in the domestic market is impeded by the import similar products. The Society also said that there are serious problems in the domestic market as cheaper poultry and hen's egg is imported to Azerbaijan and domestic producers produce it only for the storehouses.

"The import goods from Turkey, Iran and Poland are usually of low quality. One hen's egg in Turkey costs AZN0,1-1,1 and it is sold in Azerbaijani market at AZN0,08-0,09 after a long travel," the Society said.

The domestic poultry companies of Azerbaijan meet the demand of population to poultry by 80% and to the hen's egg- totally.

Society of Republic Poultry Farmers of Azerbaijan includes 29 poultry companies (Mardakan Broyler, Siyazan Broyler, Devechi Broyler, Zira Broyler, Arco Co, Imishli Broyler, Shamkir Broyler and others). Some 28 of them are poultry company, and one is the distributor of medical products.