KazPrime indicator value for Mar. 6

Business Materials 6 March 2018 10:06 (UTC +04:00)
Kazakh stock exchange has revealed the KazPrime indicator value for Mar. 6.
KazPrime indicator value for Mar. 6

Baku, Azerbaijan, Mar. 6

By Ali Mustafayev – Trend:

The KazPrime indicator decreased by 17 basis points on March 6, 2018, compared to the previous trading day and amounted to 10.58 percent per annum, Kazakh stock exchange (KASE) said in a message.

During the last 42 days the value of the indicator did not change, remaining at the level of 10.75 percent.

The KazPrime indicator reflects the average value rates of offering money in the Kazakh interbank deposit market (the rate at which the bank would like to place money in another bank for a deposit) for a period of three months, with a calculated base of actual/360 (a method, when the annual interest rate is divided by 360 to get the daily interest rate and then multiplied by the days in the month).

Calculation of KazPrime is made by KASE daily up to 12 hours of Almaty time at quotations, which are submitted to the trade system of KASE by the participants of the agreement on the formation of the indicator. The minimum volume of the quotation is 150 million tenge ($450,450).