Georgia Meets Gas Demand Due to Azerbaijan

Oil&Gas Materials 15 September 2008 20:13 (UTC +04:00)

Georgia, Tbilisi, 15 September/corr. Trend N.Kirtskhalia/ Today, Georgia meets its demand for gas on account of Azerbaijan, Georgian Energy Minister Alexander Khetaguri told at a session of parliamentary committee on sectoral economy and economic policy affairs.

The Minister spoke of the situation in energy sector of the country at the session.

"None of companies operating in Georgia buys gas from Georgia at current phase, and demand of the country for gas is 3.5mln cu.m per day, and this amount is almost completely bought from Azerbaijan".

He said that 100,000 cu.m.of  gas is shipped from Russia, which is commissioned for shipment to Armenia.

The minister says problems in gas supply are not expected. "The market of natural gas is not regulated. Any company can buy gas in both Russia and Azerbaijan," Alexander Khetaguri noted.

Khetguri noted that all planned rehabilitation works on hydroeletric and thermoelectric power stations have been wrapped up. The level of water in hydroelectric power station is more by 0.5 meter than last year. The Minister also said that a new tender on construction of On and Namakhvan cascades will be announced on 15 October. The power of On cascade will be 280 MWt, and Namakhvan - 450 MWt.

It is not yet known if there is any company interested in above-mentioned projects.

As to small hydroelectric power stations, expression of interest was announced on 75 projects, an d interest remains in construction of 7 hydroelectric power stations. Georgian government plans to hold a so-called road-show about hydro-electric potential of the country. Meetings are planned to be held with huge investors.

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