Azerbaijan New Mobile Operator Presented Its Trade Mark

ICT Materials 27 December 2006 15:30 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan new mobile operator Azerfon JSC presented its trade mark brand Nar Mobile.

Speaking about the trade mark, John Armley, the Director General of Azerfon said that since the ancient times, Nar (English for pomegranate) has been symbol of life, wealth, and wisdom, Trend reports. Unlimited opportunities which Azerfon will offer to its subscribers are as countless as pomegranate seeds. Squares in our logo mean a strong basement that the Company works on, he said.

Milos Surla, the Commercial Director of Azerfon introduced the company brand and presented VAS (Value Added Services). The services presented are only a small part of the new developments of Azerfon which will be offered soon after the commercial launch of the Company in 2007.

Value Added Services of Azerfon are designed for a full transparency, customer orientation and ease of use, he said.

Interactive Guide, Menu guide and Internet Guide are to become the three core elements of the unique self-care system named Me and Nar Mobile which will be available round a clock seven days a week. By means of these services every Nar Mobile subscriber will obtain a convenient access to the information on his/her account and profiles, as well as opportunity to instantly charge a tariff plan, add/remove services, balance operations, etc.

Nar Menu Guide (STK) is developed for those experienced users of mobile communication who expect more from their mobile phones. To use this service, it is enough to visit the Nar Mobile menu embedded on SIM-card.

For those who prefer voice interaction, Nar Mobile presents Interactive Quide (IVR). It is an interaction between a caller and computer via the telephone and a calling party should just follow instructions.

The subscribers, who will access through Internet, can easily run Nar Mobile services through Web. Internet Guide (Web Self Care) will help even when the mobile phone is switched off. Option Video streaming and video on demand are the options uniquely offered by Nar Mobile. The subscribers will be able to choose any TV all across the Nar Mobile network. Video on demand is the possibility to choose and watch favorite movie, football match, music clip or any other files available from Nar Mobile web site.

Moreover, such services as SMS-chat and sending e-mail to mobile phone and back will certainly help to make communication more interesting.

Be Aware is another convenient service to be offered by Nar Mobile. The subscribers will have complete information on all incoming calls via SMS or e-mail even when a phone is switched off. The notification can be received by both the subscriber and the called person up to the subscriber will. Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) opens wide opportunities for managing video, polyphonic tones, live music, sound effects, and coloured pictures, etc.