Increase in Electrification of Phone Network in Azerbaijan

ICT Materials 24 July 2007 14:50 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku / Trend corr S. Babayeva / The number of electronic automatic telephone exchanges (EATE) in the structure of Azerbaijan's phone network comprises 76.7%, according to the Azerbaijani Communications and Information Technology Ministry. In the beginning of the year the number was 75.7%.

The number of EATE in the Baku phone network made up 83.8%, with the regions making up 69.8%.

The Ministry of Communications plans to complete the reconstruction of the entire phone network of the country by 2008 within the framework of the 'Electronic Azerbaijan' state program.

As a result of the first half of 2007, the number of stationary telephones made up 14.43 units per each 100 people ( 14.01 in the beginning of the year). In Baku the number amounted to 31.8 units, in other regions 9.47 units. A high rise was registered in the number of mobile network subscribers. Consequently from the beginning of the year the total of mobile subscribers increased by 900,000 comprising 4.2mln, which means that in Azerbaijan there are 49.2 mobile phones subscribers to every 100 people.