Iranians find a way to avoid "morality police"

Politics Materials 10 February 2016 14:30 (UTC +04:00)

Baku, Azerbaijan, Feb. 10

By Khalid Kazimov - Trend:

A group of brainy Iranian tech geeks have developed a mobile app to help fashionable Iranians, particularly girls and women, avoid running into trouble with the Islamic Republic's morality police ("Ershad").

Since the foundation of the Islamic Republic in a bid to promote the Islamic values the country's law enforcement forces have actively tackled those who refuse to observe the Islamic dress code accepted by authorities. Over the past several years in a bid to intensify the move, Iranian rulers decided to deploy "Ershad" mobile checkpoints across the country including public entertainment venues and exhibition centers.

The Ershad patrol teams comprising of a van vehicle and several policemen and women officers are tasked with issuing warnings and arresting those who fail to observe the country's dress code. This usually ends with making a written statement at a police station pledging to never repeat the dress code violation and sometimes fines, but the offenders maybe prosecuted as well.

The non-commercial "Gershad" Android app allows ordinary citizens to stay alert and see the locations of the "Ershad" checkpoints.

The app is user-driven - it shows an Ershad checkpoint only if a sufficient amount of users identify the same map location, thus reducing the risk of getting the wrong location.

The alert on the map will gradually fade out when users decrease the number of the submitted data for a particular location.