Syria to become an apple of discord between Turkey and Russia

Türkiye Materials 6 October 2015 20:32 (UTC +04:00)
The Turkey-Russia relations will worsen if the sides fail to agree on Syria
Syria to become an apple of discord between Turkey and Russia

Baku, Azerbaijan, Oct. 6

By Anakhanum Khidayatova - Trend:

The Turkey-Russia relations will worsen if the sides fail to agree on Syria, Dogukan Cansin, the analyst of the Turkish International Research Center "Strategic Outlook", told Trend Oct. 6.

He said that the relations between Turkey and Russia have been developing positively in various fields for many years.

"Turkey and Russia are intensifying their cooperation in the fields of energy, trade, tourism, industry, construction and textiles," he said. "After the EU imposed sanctions against Russia because of the crisis in Ukraine, the relations between the two countries greatly strengthened."

He said that any two countries could develop the relations till their interests clash.

"The relationship between Israel and Turkey is an obvious example of this," he said. "Cooperation in various fields, including trade and tourism was developing very well between the two countries up to a certain time."

Relations between Israel and Turkey have seriously deteriorated in 2010, when the Israeli navy attacked the Mavi Marmara, the lead ship in a Gaza-bound humanitarian aid flotilla. During the attack, Israeli commandos killed ten Turkish activists, including one US-Turkish dual national.

The expert went on to add that the cooperation between Russia and Turkey may continue if the parties come to an agreement on the Syrian issue, otherwise the differences between the sides will only deepen, which will lead to a political crisis.

Earlier, the Turkish foreign ministry spread the information that the Russian Air Force planes, taking part in military operations in Syria, violated Turkish airspace Oct. 3.

The Turkish Air Force planes were also involved with the aim of warning following this violation.

The Russian planes then left the Turkish airspace.

After the incident, the Russian ambassador to Ankara was summoned to the Turkish foreign ministry to clarify the situation.

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin appealed to the Federation Council for permission to use the Russian Armed Forces abroad. The Senate approved this request. The head of the Russian Presidential Administration Sergey Ivanov told reporters that the decision concerns Syria and the matter rests in the operation of the Military Air Forces.

Russia sent military aircraft to Syria after Damascus's request. The Russian Military Forces are inflicting strikes on the positions of the Islamic State terrorist organization in Syria.

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