Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan to discuss construction of Caspian segment of TASIM

Azerbaijan Materials 3 October 2013 15:22 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan will have discussions over the issue of the construction of the Caspian segment of TASIM.

Azerbaijan, Baku, Oct. 3 /Trend H. Valiyev/

Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan will have discussions over the issue of the construction of the Caspian segment of TASIM, head of working group of the project Zaur Hasanov told Trend on Thursday.

Hasanov said the meeting would take place before the year end in Kazakhstan.
Launch of the Trans-Caspian segment with fibre-optic cable is one of the important components in the realisation of the TASIM project. Work on the laying of fibre-optic cable line under the Caspian Sea is being reviewed by Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

Besides according to Hasanov, work for formation of the proposed structure and legal basis of the Eurasian Connectivity Alliance - EuraCA has started. A resolution supporting the initiative of Azerbaijan on the establishment of EuraCA within the framework of the TASIM project was adopted by the UN General Assembly in early September.

According to initial forecasts, the structure of the alliance will be formed by the year-end.
The initiative provides expansion of trans-regional cooperation in ICT, meeting the demands and helping governments solve problems in this sector. There will be involvement of the private sector, as well as establishment of a platform for practice exchange in this field.

The project envisages the creation of a main transit line from Frankfurt to Hong Kong. The line which will unite the largest information exchange centres of Europe and Asia will stretch through the territory of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia, China, Kazakhstan and to Germany. An alternative northern transit line will be launched on the territory of Russia, Ukraine and Poland.

At present the TASIM project includes such countries as Russia (Rostelecom), Kazakhstan (KazTransCom), Turkey (TurkTelecom) and China (ChinaTelecom), as well as Azerbaijan's Azertelekom.

The project is directed towards reducing poverty, accelerating economic growth and may also play a leading role in the development of the region.

TASIM project is intended to connect 20 countries in total. Its implementation will eliminate the information gap between Western Europe and the Pacific Rim.