Caucasus Muslims Office condemns vandalism in Syria

Politics Materials 8 May 2013 20:16 (UTC +04:00)
The Caucasian Muslims’ Office (CMO) is deeply concerned by recent damage caused by Israel in recent days as a result of its military attacks as well as the radical forces in Syria’s abandonment of the moral values of Islam. We vigorously protest and condemn these actions, according to a statement by the CMO’s press service released on Wednesday.
Caucasus Muslims Office condemns vandalism in Syria

Azerbaijan, Baku, May 8 / Trend, I. Isabalaeva /

The Caucasus Muslims Office (CMO) is deeply concerned about the acts of vandalism committed by Israel in recent days as a result of military attacks and the radical forces in Syria against the moral values of Islam, and in protest against these actions vigorously condemns them, according to a statement by the CMO's press service released on Wednesday.

"Exposing the territory of any sovereign state to bombing, regardless of purpose constitutes military aggression. We, as religious leaders, believe that the fate of the Syrian state should be decided by the Syrian people, and stability in the country will be restored through joint efforts of government and religious figures as well as through compromise between government and opposition forces as well as by political and community leaders.

We hope the international community will express its stance after properly evaluating this incident. We consider interference in the internal affairs of other countries, penetration into their territory in the name of certain strategic interests, the use of religious ideas in political struggle and ethnic conflicts to be unacceptable," a statement said.

Acts of vandalism against the graves of saints in Syria, autopsies of these saints and insults against the tombs of these holy martyrs are blasphemous and sinful acts, the statement said.

"Those who commit such acts against humanity will receive just punishment. Those who create confrontation between religions and faiths, must be condemned by all the faithful people around the world. We, as religious leaders believe that the burning of the holy Quran and the desecration of the tombs of saints is a manifestation of extremism and terrorism," the statement said.