Azerbaijan publishes full text of Shusha Declaration on Allied Relations (UPDATE)

Politics Materials 16 June 2021 16:59 (UTC +04:00)

Details added: the first version posted on 12:06

BAKU, Azerbaijan, June 16


The full text of the Shusha Declaration on Allied Relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey has been published, Trend reports.

The text of the document reads:

The Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Turkey,

- emphasizing the historical importance of the meeting between President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Shusha, which is the cradle of the ancient culture of Azerbaijan and the entire Turkic world,

- once again reaffirming adherence to all international documents signed between the two fraternal and friendly countries, as well as the Treaty of Kars of October 13, 1921,

- guided by the ‘Treaty on Friendship and Development of Comprehensive Cooperation between Azerbaijan and Turkey’ signed on February 9, 1994 and the ‘Protocol on Cooperation and Mutual Assistance between Azerbaijan and Turkey’, as well as the ‘Treaty on Strategic Partnership and Mutual Assistance between Azerbaijan and Turkey’ signed on August 16, 2010,

- underlining that bringing the relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey to a qualitatively new, allied level, proceeding from friendship and brotherhood between the two countries and their peoples, serves the interests of the two countries and their peoples,

- realizing the importance of combining opportunities and potentials in the political, economic, cultural, humanitarian, educational, social, youth, sports and health sectors of both countries to protect common interests,

- stressing the importance of continuing joint efforts to ensure global and regional peace, stability and security in accordance with the norms and principles of international law, including the UN Charter,

- expressing the need for mutual coordination in regional and international strategic issues,

- guided by the principles of solidarity and mutual support in bilateral and multilateral formats in matters based on such national interests as independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, inviolability of the internationally recognized borders of Azerbaijan and Turkey,

- combining efforts at the regional and international level in the implementation of mutual activities aimed at the long-term development of the Turkic world,

- emphasizing that the statements of the founder of the Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Ataturk ‘The joy of Azerbaijan is our joy, its sorrow is our sorrow’ and the slogan of the national leader of the Azerbaijani people Heydar Aliyev ‘One nation, two states’ are assessed as the national and spiritual value of the two peoples,

- Having comprehensively considered the prospects for further deepening and expanding bilateral relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey, declare:

- The sides, expressing satisfaction in connection with the state of relations between the two fraternal and friendly countries developing at the strategic level, note the importance of continuing the political dialogue at all levels and high-level mutual visits.

- The sides note with pride that having won the victory in 44 days of the Patriotic War, Azerbaijan put an end to the aggressive policy of Armenia, which lasted 30 years, liberated its lands, ensured the triumph of historical justice and the restoration of international law.

- Azerbaijan highly appreciates the moral and political support of Turkey in ending the 30-year-old aggression of Armenia, liberating the occupied lands, restoring the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. The parties will continue to make efforts to strengthen stability and security, restore all economic and transport ties, as well as normalize relations between the countries of the region and ensure sustainable peace in the Caucasus region. In this context, the special geographical situation of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic will be taken into account.

- The sides emphasize that the contribution made by Turkey to the work of the Turkish-Russian joint center in the liberated territories plays an important role in ensuring peace and stability in the region.

- Azerbaijan and Turkey determine the political and legal mechanisms of allied relations, guided by the principles of independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, inviolability of internationally recognized borders, non-interference in the internal affairs of states.

- The sides note the importance of coordination in the field of foreign policy and conducting systematic bilateral political consultations, emphasize the importance of activities within the framework of the Azerbaijan-Turkey High-Level Strategic Cooperation Council in this direction.

- The parties pursue an independent foreign policy aimed at protecting and ensuring their national interests. The parties make joint efforts to develop international relations based on peace, friendship and good neighborliness through stability and prosperity on a regional and international scale, as well as to resolve conflicts and issues of regional and global security and stability.

- The parties, demonstrating solidarity and mutual support on international issues that are relevant and of mutual interest, speaking from a similar or coinciding position, will strengthen bilateral cooperation and will mutually support each other within regional and international organizations, including the UN, OSCE, Council of Europe, Cooperation Council of Turkic-Speaking States, OIC.

- If in the opinion of one of the parties, there is a threat to its independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, inviolability of internationally recognized borders or security or aggression from a third state or states, then the parties will hold joint consultations and, in order to eliminate this threat or aggression, will take an appropriate initiative in accordance with the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, will provide the necessary assistance to each other in accordance with the UN Charter. The scope and form of this support will be determined through immediate discussions, and a decision will be made on meeting defense needs for joint activities, coordinated activities of the armed forces will be organized.

- Joint meetings of the Security Councils of the Parties on national security issues will be regularly held. At these meetings, issues of national interests, regional and international security, concerning the interests of the Parties, will be discussed.

- The sides will continue to make joint efforts to form and modernize the armed forces of the two fraternal countries in accordance with modern requirements.

- The parties, taking the demining of the territories as a basis, will support activities to normalize life in the regions liberated from the Armenian occupation.

- The parties will promote the exchange of personnel of the armed forces, conduct joint exercises, increase the combat effectiveness of the armies of the two countries, close cooperation in the management of weapons using modern technologies, ensuring for this purpose the coordination of authorized structures and organizations. Azerbaijan and Turkey will support joint military exercises with the armies of other friendly countries.

- The parties, carrying out a mutual exchange of technologies in the maritime, air and space spheres, taking into account national and international obligations, will encourage the implementation of joint projects to develop joint capabilities, make a mutual positive contribution to the development of defense industry technologies, equip each other with weapons and ammunition, and mutually encourage their production and support the creation of production sites, as well as joint research and production work, cooperation of defense industry structures of the two countries in the domestic and international markets in the fields of technology, military products and services.

- The parties declare that the military-political cooperation developing between the two states and meeting their national interests is not directed against third countries.