Talks with Iran is Azeri government's key commitment for resolution of important problems first deputy secretary of ruling party

Politics Materials 1 June 2006 14:09 (UTC +04:00)
Talks with Iran is Azeri government's key commitment for resolution of important problems  first deputy secretary of ruling party

We should be able to analyze and estimate the events in the South Azerbaijan not with emotions, but wisdom. It is one of the important terms and requirements which the life set for us, Ali Ahmadov, the first deputy chairman and executive secretary of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party, stated in his exclusive interview with Trend.

The state policy cannot refer to any subjective tendency and populism. Azerbaijan is located in a very vulnerable region. The ongoing developments in the region require very important and serious analysis. Azerbaijan irrespective of its will participates in the processes as a country located in the center of the region. Therefore, the line that we will define should prevent the vulnerable and slim processes to raise problems for Azerbaijan. It can be related with several aspects, Ahmadov underscored.

According to one of the leaders of the ruling party, one of the urgent factors is Azerbaijans involvement in the conflict. Armenia has occupied 20% of the

Azerbaijani territory, the country has over 1 million refugees and this is the major problem for Azerbaijan. It should be taken into consideration while estimation of any issue, especially processes, ongoing in the region where the county was located. It to forget about it and fall into euphoria, it might lead to tragedy, he said.

On the other hand, none of the countries would like to see tension in a neighboring country. Perhaps, unfavorable events taken place 1000 kilometers far from Azerbaijan, concern us, while they are not problem number one for us. Or vise versa. However, Azerbaijan ought to approach attentively towards the events taken place near its borders, as they are directly linked with the life, stability of the country and its every citizen,: he underlined.

Touching upon the next factor Ahmadov said that all countries are interrelated in the modern world. Irrespective of the distance of the events, they cover all countries in different levels. In some cases they became a political mean which any international force intends to carry out. It would be better if Azerbaijan will not become a mean for realization of wills and intensions, the results of which are not completely clear for it, he stressed.

Azerbaijan ought to take into consideration that being a neighboring county Iran is also a homeland of our compatriots and all should think of their destiny. Problems that Azerbaijanis face in Iran worry all of us. Obviously, we cannot stay aside in the resolution of these problems and we are going to. But we have no way than to consider all issues in complex and select the right way. The key commitment of the Azerbaijan government for resolution of these important problems is conduct of talks with Iran. The same time I think we should be able to analyze the situation in the context of unconditional pragmatism and take a right decision, Ahmadov assured.

Along with representing our nation in Iran Azerbaijanis residing in this country are the citizens of Iran. Iran is a country which is responsible for the observation of the citizens rightsРІ. Every citizen of Iran has definite citizenships rights. Making irresponsible statements without consideration of the said problems it is impossible to contribute in the resolution of problems that the Azerbaijanis residing in Iran have faced, Ahmadov underlined.