YARAT! Space for Contemporary Art to present curatorial project at Moscow Biennale (PHOTO)

YARAT! Space for Contemporary Art to present curatorial project at Moscow Biennale (PHOTO)

YARAT! Space for Contemporary Art will present the curatorial project "Stalemate situation" from July 12 to August 12 in Moscow at the MAR'S Center for Contemporary Art, as part of the parallel program of III Moscow International Biennale for Young Art.

As noted in a press release, received from the YARAT!, relationship issues between men and women in the context of the changing conditions of coexistence are very relevant in today's world. After decades of socio-cultural research on gender, we can say that the picture of gender relations has not become clearer, but even more complicated. Increasing level of difficulty is due to the fact that in today's world there is a transition from postmodernism to what can be defined as an indefinite time X. This time combines different times: the time in which traditional society and the regime of modernity live. But most countries are in the mixed zone of temporal regimes that not only radicalizes gender problem, but also provides interesting material for creativity.

For example, young artists from Azerbaijan - an Afghan artist who lives in Azerbaijan, and three Azerbaijani artists. Afghan artist Reza comes from a country where sharia law is in force. Reza's creativity is purely patriarchal: the artist uses archi-traditional materials - paper and pencil. In his soul the East / South is fighting the West / North, since unlike female colleagues, he came from his Islamic country to Azerbaijan, a secular state, where he has to adapt.

The girls have been in secular space since birth. Their works demonstrate the ideological self-sufficiency, broad outlook. And the choice of means to implement their own projects is much more sophisticated - sculptural installations, video ... The very clash of two worldviews and gender positions within the same group promises an interesting outcome - whose vision will be more original and relevant to viewers, purely men's traditional optics, refracting rays of the present from each hard-hard-line view or a woman's vision of problems, diluting the patriarchal "phallo-centrality"?

Jemma Sattar will present sculptural work, "The man with the cockroaches." According to the author, each has his own cockroaches in his head, just someone trains them, while others do not. "Cockroaches are so tenacious, she says, that can exist without a head for a few weeks. Not every idea that comes from the heart is consistent with the head. Words are only a pale shadow of the myriad of thoughts that swarm in our head. The thought never leaves a person, day or night. Talk like everyone else, but think differently. Thoughts jump from person to person, like fleas, but do bite everyone. Thought is invisible. "Watch your thoughts, for they become words" (Laozi).

Her video, West-East (5 min.) will also be presented.

"It happens, the author of video says, that you encounter a crowd and you can not get around a man, when you step in any direction, he comes to the same. Two girls collide - one is embodiment of the West, the other is embodiment of the East. All is about relativity. One makes step to the left (relative to itself), the other - a step to the right (about itself), but relative to each other they move in one direction, not letting each other go".

Fidan Seyidova and her "Utmost indifference" (video, 5 min). Fidan explained her plan as follows: "The relationship 'man - society' is an indicator of the evolution of society. Any form of human association include the terms 'own' and 'alien', it is an indicator of the evolution, the division has its roots in family, school, etc. Territorial, ethnic and religious divisions of mankind clearly dictate where "one's friends" are. Altruism is not the general characteristic of the society, so often the problems of others are of no interest for us, sitting in front of the TV and subconsciously comparing the problems of everyday life and problems specific to the conflict countries, a man gives preference to and with a sincere passion worries about his personal. Video is shot on typical episodes of films, when the heroes go away with the cold face, leaving behind them burning and exploding houses and cars. This is not an indicator, but a symbol of relationships formed in a thousand years of human development. Coming out of the house morning, each of us can be on the evening news for the thousands of indifferent eyes".

Nazrin Mammadova will present a series of photographs called, "Etcetera." While commenting on her work, the young artist asked if human existence is possible without a trace or memories? Otherwise, how long can the memory, some evidence or a moment exist? Sometimes we
emotionally encounter with something strong. Only a moment has been given to create a lifetime memory and the way that we can use to visit it again. A photography for me is the only way to create a sense of continuity and meaning in this world.

The images in these photographs are an attempt to chart daily things. There I try to categorize the events about myself or my accessories, which are so close and so obvious to me that they slip from my attention. This is an attempt to combine the life seems to be broken into small pieces. This is such an immortal story of the present. Restless curiosity and a great desire to explore and learn myself and find the illusory passages appear. I meet myself here. Everything around me plays with my own feelings by colors and shapes. For me as an artist and person, the series are more like a personal journey of frequent moments - the unexplainable melody, rather than a particular thought, idea, feeling or belief."

Reza Hazare will present his graphic work "In exile". "The meaning of life and the crisis in a traditional society, as well as immigration accentuated in my work," he says. These are events that happened with my nation after the Civil War, the lack of human values, fundamental rights and the destruction of my family in exile, paradox in human thinking and actions of people in different situations, a challenge to achieve a better status, satisfaction and peace for the forgotten person."


Jemma Sattar (1990)

Student at Kosygin Moscow State Textile University

2011 Online Project Workshop # 2 "Holzgarten Accessories"
2011 National Japanese Exhibition of Graphic Works of "Sugino". Moscow, Russia
2011 "Preface" exhibition of contemporary art, contemporary art shpere YARAT! Baku / Azerbaijan
2011 'St. George Ribbon' event in the exhibition of monumental sand sculptures "Property of the Fatherland." Moscow, Russia
2011 International exhibition of graphic works, Berlin, Germany.
2010 Concourse international des creatures de mode. Monte-Carlo
2010 Central House of Artists "How the art treats a person", Moscow, Russia.

Fidan Seyidova (1990)

Student at Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts

2011 "ON SOZ" Contemporary Art Exhibition, organized by YARAT!, Baku / Azerbaijan
2011 Contemporary Art Exhibition, organized by the French Embassy Baku / Azerbaijan.

Nazrin Mammadova (1989)

A graduate of the Eurasian Diplomatic Academy (Azerbaijan)

2011 "ON SOZ", Contemporary Art Exhibition, Baku / Azerbaijan
2010 Art Market, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Baku / Azerbaijan 2010 'Aluminum' 4th International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Baku / Azerbaijan 2009 "Azerbaijani women," a photo exhibition in the Museum Center, Baku / Azerbaijan.

Reza Hazare (1987)
A student at Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts

2010 - Exhibition of paintings in the Yaradan gallery, Baku / Azerbaijan
2009 - Exhibition of paintings in the Corner Gallery, Baku / Azerbaijan
2008 - Exhibition of paintings in Nami art gallery (Organization of Iran Artists)
2007 - Exhibition of paintings in Momayez art gallery (Organization of Iran Artists)
2006 - Exhibition of paintings at Merin Art Gallery.

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