Official: Building nuclear bomb completely against Iran’s national security doctrine

Iran Materials 15 October 2013 14:59 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, Oct. 15 / Trend, T. Jafarov, S. Isayev

Building a nuclear bomb is completely against Iran's national security doctrine, Chief Secretary of the Organization on Iran's national interest protection, Saeed Yari told Trend.

Speaking of Iran's nuclear program, the official said that Iran and the West are now ready to find a win-win solution for the nuclear issue.

"The West wants to make sure that Iran will never use enriched uranium to build nuclear bomb and this has never been Iran's goal," he said.

The U.S. and its Western allies suspect Iran of developing a nuclear weapon - something that Iran denies. The Islamic Republic has on numerous occasions stated that it does not seek to develop nuclear weapons, using nuclear energy for medical researches instead.

Speaking of Iran's negotiations with the P5+1 group, Yari said that while the talks might take some time, eventually they will yield a win-win solution for both sides.

"Considering Iran's geopolitics and geostrategic situation, the West will never seek to impose harsher sanctions against Iran," he said.

"For example the US will never put more sanctions on Iran's oil industry. Military action can't be an option either, since any of the mentioned efforts will automatically enable Iran's security strategies and cause great regional and international challenges," Yari explained. "This will endanger the Western states' interests so they'll prefer to avoid such scenarios and seek a win-win solution."

As for enriching uranium goes, the official noted that this activity inside the country is in compliance with the laws of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

"Based on the IAEA laws Iran can enrich uranium to 3-3.5 or 5 percent. So Iran considers this basic right as a red line and will never give up on that," Yari said, adding that uranium enrichment in Iran is one of the key and strategic points in the talks about Iran's peaceful nuclear program.

Speaking of Iran's Fordow nuclear plant, Yari explained why the plant is of no concern regarding Iran's nuclear program.

"The Fordo nuclear site is located near Iran's Qom city. Its output provides fuel for Tehran research reactor. Since the facility produces Radioisotops and its output is used for civilian causes, the whole process is once again in compliance with the IAEA laws. It is another red line for Iran," Yari said.

He went on to note that at some point Iran accepted to stop producing uranium with a level of enrichment of 20 percent in exchange for receiving 20-percent enriched uranium from the western countries, but they never kept their promise, so Iranian scientists continued their own work.

"Shipping out uranium, enriching uranium outside the country, and the Fordo nuclear site are Iran's red lines in the talks," Yari said. "If Iran wanted to give up on any of the mentioned issues, there would be no disagreement with the western countries in the first place."