Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan Stress Expansion of Cooperation

Other News Materials 21 October 2007 06:12

(Fars News Agency) Foreign ministers of Iran and Afghanistan and deputy foreign minister of Tajikistan in a meeting in the western city of Herat on Saturday underlined the need for the further bolstering and consolidation of trilateral cooperation among the three neighboring states.

In a joint statement issued at the end of the meeting, the three diplomats reminded that the talks in Herat were a follow-up to an earlier agreement held by the presidents of the three countries in the Tajik capital city of Dushanbe last June.

The statement emphasized good neighborly relations, expansion and strengthening of trilateral ties and cooperation among Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan in all the political, economic and cultural grounds.

According to the statement, Tehran is due to host a trilateral meeting of the Iranian, Afghan and Tajik road and transportation ministers in three months in an effort to boost transportation and transit cooperation among the three neighboring countries.

The three countries' energy and power ministers are also due to meet in Tehran in a similar trilateral conference in three months in a bid to implement the agreements held by the three parties in the energy sector.

The statement also said that Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan would send their relevant authorities to a meeting in Kabul to study possible ways of waging an effective campaign against terrorism and drug trafficking.

Also according to the same statement, Iranian, Afghan and Tajik foreign ministers would send their deputies to a meeting in Tehran by winter to assess the results of the cooperation agreements and measures adopted by the three sides and to decide the date and venue for the next meeting of the foreign ministers.