RF not approve Iran’s intention to develop missile industry

Other News Materials 14 February 2008 00:49 (UTC +04:00)

( Itar-Tass ) - Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Russia did not approve Iran's intention to develop the missile industry and continue uranium enrichment.

Upon his return from Ljubljana on Wednesday, Lavrov said, "However, international law does not prohibit these actions. We should take into account the fact that the previous years revealed a series of problems in Iran's nuclear programme. Until they are lifted it will be reasonable to avoid any steps and statements, which heat up the atmosphere and create an impression that Iran intended to ignore the international community, the U.N. Security Council and the IAEA."

Lavrov said the talks on the final settlement of all problems related to Iran's nuclear programme might be started. "It is necessary that all participants in the talks seek to solve this problem, to eliminate all risks and threats, and not to be guided by any other reasons in the political agenda."

In his words, "there is a certain positive moment in this problem. This moment is related to Iran's cooperation to close the issues, which emerged earlier due to its nuclear activity. At present, these problems are being solved satisfactorily and we'll wait for the IAEA director-general's report."

When Iran's problem is one of the key problems of the international community's agenda it is very important "both sides to show restraint and common sense", Lavrov said. "When Iranian leaders state that the U.N. Security Council can't order them. On the contrary, we hear statements saying it isn't important what the facts are," he added.

" Iran has decided to create a nuclear bomb and it'll attack the whole world. But these are the emotions. We want to be guided by the real analysis of the state of affairs and we'll call on the other to do this," the Russian foreign minister pointed out.