Report: Ukraine's opposition leader moved to provincial prison

Other News Materials 30 December 2011 14:15 (UTC +04:00)

The jailed leader of Ukraine's opposition, Yulia Tymoshenko, was transferred to a provincial prison on Friday, the independent Channel 5 television news group reported.

The former prime minister was delivered to a woman's prison in Kakhanovka, some 450 kilometres east of the capital Kiev, where she is to serve out the remainder of a seven-year sentence, the report said, DPA reported.

There was no early official confirmation of the transfer. Most Ukrainian government offices were closed on Friday because of a national holiday.

The Kakhanovka prison is a medium-security penitentary whose prisoners sometimes work in state-run garment and fabric factories.

Tymoshenko was a leader of Ukraine's 2004 pro-democracy Orange Revolution.

A Kiev court in October found Tymoshenko guilty of abuse of office while she served as prime minister in 2009. She has said she is the victim of a vendetta pursued by President Viktor Yanukovych against his political opponents.

Government prosecutors have said they believe Tymoshenko is also guilty of concealing close to 200 million dollars in income and failing to pay 6 million dollars in taxes while heading a natural gas import company in the mid 1990s.

Tymoshenko has denied all wrongdoing. Her lawyers have said they intend to appeal the October sentence in the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

Yanukovych has said he has no influence over Tymoshenko's legal situation and that he personally wishes her well.