Experts: No support for revolution in Georgia

Politics Materials 23 May 2011 18:59 (UTC +04:00)
Georgian experts are skeptical about the possibility of a revolution in Georgia.
Experts: No support for revolution in Georgia

Georgia, Tbilisi, May 23 / Trend N.Kirtzkhalia /

Georgian experts are skeptical about the possibility of a revolution in Georgia.
Leader of the People's Assembly Nino Burjanadze announced the start of a new revolution.

Burjanadze expects a "critical mass" to turn out in the series of riots that started on May 21.

The Georgian party's leaders, who joined the People's Assembly, said the revolution will take place on May 25, when the party's leaders ex-Defense Minister Irakli Okruashvili and Russian businessman Cote Gogelia, who were granted political asylum in France, will arrive in

Georgian political analyst Mamuka Areshidze said the Georgian society lacks a protest charge, which is required of any revolution. He named the opposition's inability to unite as the main problem.

Areshidze believes the opposition in Georgia lacks a truly charismatic leader. "Once, the opposition has three such leaders as Zviad Gamsakhurdia, Gia Chanturia and Mikheil Saakashvili. Today, the opposition lacks such people and there is a simple answer to why
people do not go out: individuals always feel a leader who can lead them," Areshidze said.

Resonance newspaper Chief Editor Lasha Tugushi believes the opposition leaders calling on people to go out have no program, except the slogan of change of the power.

"Almost no one takes part in the rallies, because the opposition leaders calling on people to go to the street lack program, but only the declared slogan of the seizure of power. In addition, violent
methods of struggle for the power are unacceptable for most Georgian people," Tugushi told the Maestro TV channel.

The population has a low confidence in the opposition leaders, since "too many errors have been admitted.

Expert Nick Chitadze told Trend that the principal objective of the People's Assembly is to bring confusion to Georgia. "The People's Assembly aims to damage Georgia's image and represent our country in a precarious state. That's why they go to the provocation, so that the foreign media got footage, in which the authorities disperse an opposition rally. The Russian media also assist by spreading materials that suits them. But, given that people do not support the People's
Assembly, I think that its rallies will cause only a backlash among the population," he said.

Regarding Okruashvili's possible arrival, Chitadze considers it a "political stunt", and is sure that Okruashvili is not going to come home.

Georgian Strategy and International Affairs Fund Chief Alexander Rondeli believes the opposition is trying to organize the unrest in the country.

"But most people do not support the rallies, if people wanted rallies," he said.

He said the opposition has virtually no chance to achieve any concrete result.

Expert Soso Tsintsadze said the Georgian society is not an advocate of radical action, so the protest will have no result. "The opposition leaders, who began the protest, expected many more people, but their hopes were dashed.

He stressed that the opposition, which went on the street, presumably, will try to resort to possible drastic measures on May 26 and disrupt the military parade, though authorities would not allow.

A number of liberal opposition parties, including the Christian Democratic Movement and the New Right, had already advised the authorities to cancel the parade to avoid escalation.