Azerbaijan launches construction of tunnels on Horadiz-Jabrayil-Zangilan-Aghband highway (PHOTO)

Economy Materials 8 December 2021 17:05 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijan launches construction of tunnels on Horadiz-Jabrayil-Zangilan-Aghband highway (PHOTO)

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Dec. 8


The construction of the Horadiz-Jabrayil-Zangilan-Aghband (Zangazur corridor) highway, the foundation of which was laid on October 26 by the presidents of Azerbaijan and Turkey, rapidly continues, Trend reports citing the State Agency for Azerbaijan Automobile Roads.

According to the information, the project envisages construction of three road tunnels with a total length of six kilometers along the new road, construction work on which has already begun. The tunnels are conventionally called T1, T2 and T3.

Drilling work was carried out with a length of 250 meters in tunnel T1 with a length of 1,019 meters, and 50 meters were drilled in tunnel T2 with a length of 1,810 meters. Explosive drilling continues. Construction work has been completed and drilling has begun at the entrance to the 3,171 meters of T3 tunnel.

The construction of two overpasses and 23 road bridges, eight overpasses, 50 overpasses, five overpasses, 400 round pipes and rectangular water crossings to ensure the transfer of water is planned along the Horadiz-Jabrayil-Zangilan-Agbend highway (Zangazur corridor) with a length of 123.8 kilometers. It is also planned to build 60 backup crossings for communication lines, the implementation of which also continues at an accelerated pace.

As part of the work, the construction of the reserve crossing was completed by 30 percent, 38 circular and two rectangular artificial structures were built, foundation and pile work on 10 bridges was completed.

The Horadiz-Jabrayil-Zangilan-Agbend highway (Zangazur corridor) is one of the road infrastructure projects implemented in the Karabakh and East Zangazur economic regions on behalf of the president of Azerbaijan, which will play an important role in the socio-economic development of the liberated districts and villages. This road is part of the Hajigabul-Horadiz-Agband-Zangazur road and is of great importance in terms of connecting Zangilan with other districts of Azerbaijan and the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

The road was projected from the village of Akhmadbeyli, Fuzuli district. According to the order of the head of state, the highway is being built according to the first technical category, with six and four lanes, taking into account the development plan of Karabakh. The first 80-kilometer section of the road, as planned, will consist of six lanes (three entrances - three exits), and the remaining 43.8-kilometer section will have four lanes (two entrances - two exits).

At present, earthworks are being carried out on the first 110 kilometers of the road. Using special equipment, the road is widened and profiled, a new landfill is being built according to the first technical level. In traffic lanes, the width of the roadbed will amount to 29.5 and 21.5 meters, respectively.

It is noted that construction work is being carried out under the supervision of the leadership of the State Agency for Highways of Azerbaijan in accordance with the requirements of the "Construction Norms and Rules".

The Horadiz-Jabryail-Zangilan-Agbend (Zangazur corridor) highway passes through the liberated Fuzuli, Jabrayil and Zangilan districts. It is from this road that the roads under construction Ahmadbeyli-Fuzuli-Shusha, Shukurbeyli-Jabrayil-Hadrut and Khudafarin-Gubadli-Lachin originate.