National currency deposits of Kazakhstan decrease

Finance Materials 3 May 2019 14:45 (UTC +04:00)

Baku, Azerbaijan, May 3


The percentage of the deposits in tenge decreased from 43.6 percent to 41.5 percent in Kazakhstan during March 2019, while since the beginning of the year it decreased by 6.9 percent, Trend reports via Association of Financiers of Kazakhstan.

"In the structure of deposits the total volume of tenge deposits increased by 1.4 percent, whereas the total volume of non-tenge deposits decreased by 6.8 percent,” reads the message.

In the course of three months total volume of loans worth 2.9 trillion tenge were lent.

“After a significant reduction in February 2019, total assets of second tier banks displayed the minimal decrease of 0.6 billion tenge in March,” the report said.

In March a decrease of legal persons loans in the Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan (-222.7 billion tenge) and in the First Heartland Bank (-158.4 billion tenge) could be observed.

“The reduction of the sector’s deposit base amounted to 296.7 billion tenge. The reduction was partially leveled by bank attracting funds of other creditors (+98.5 billion tenge), as well as by performing bank operations using finance instruments (+105.4 billion tenge). Thus, sector’s liabilities decreased only by 69.2 billion tenge. Sector’s total loses amounted to 50.3 billion tenge, compared to 102.1 billion tenge in February,” the report said.

“Cumulative reduction of assets as a result of 1Q2019 amounted to 666.7 billion tenge. The reduction is based on the negative re-evaluation of the loan portfolio (-718 billion tenge), and on the liabilities reduction (-705.4 billion tenge), including the reduction of the deposit base (-385.3 billion tenge),' the report said.

“Thus, excluding the First Heartland Jýsan Bank, cumulative asses of the banks increased by 97.5 billion tenge since the beginning of the year (0.4 percent). Loans worth 2.9 trillion tenge were lent in 1Q2019, compared to the 2.7 trillion tenge in the same period of 2018 (+8.5 percent),” reads the message.

“Volume of banknotes in circulation amounted up to 3.8 trillion tenge in March 2019 which accounts for about 30 percent of the loan portfolio,” the report said.

“Deposit portfolio of banks in March 2019 displays the reduction of 296.7 billion tenge (-1.8 percent). It amounts to 16.7 trillion tenge or 68 percent of the funding structure,” said the statement.

“The reduction of corporate deposits (-305.5 billion tenge), as well as almost neutral dynamics of the retail deposits (+8.8 billion tenge) can be observed. The percentage of retail deposits increased from 50.4 percent to 51.3 percent in March, while since the beginning of the year the deposit portfolio decreased by 2.3 percent,” stated in the report.