Russia keen to further expanding ties with Kazakhstan in green economy (Exclusive)

Kazakhstan Materials 21 October 2023 08:20 (UTC +04:00)
Russia keen to further expanding ties with Kazakhstan in green economy (Exclusive)
Madina Usmanova
Madina Usmanova
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, October 21. Russia is interested in further expanding ties with Kazakhstan in green economy, official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova told Trend.

"Good prospects for intensifying cooperation between Russia and Kazakhstan are seen in the green energy direction. Our states have much in common in their approaches to economic decarbonization and energy transition. Both Russia and Kazakhstan expect to reach zero levels of greenhouse gas emissions by 2060, emphasizing the tasks of modernizing the energy and industrial infrastructure, increasing the use of alternative and renewable energy sources, and, in the transition period, natural gas. In this regard, we could talk about joint projects in the field of nuclear, renewable and hydrogen energy, the gas industry, and the development of forestry and water management complexes," Zakharova said.

She noted that the relevant departments of the two countries are working on specific areas of interaction.

Zakharova added, the two countries have established constructive cooperation in the field of environmental protection. In 2021, the regular meeting of the annual Forum of Interregional Cooperation with the participation of heads of state was entirely devoted to this actual topic.

She said that Russia's cooperation with Kazakhstan envisages implementation of relevant regional initiatives, including saving the Aral Sea, water use on the Ural and Irtysh rivers, strengthening climate resilience and restoring biodiversity.

By the end of 2022, there are 130 renewable energy facilities operating in the Republic with an installed capacity of 2,400 MW (46 WPPs – 958 MW; 44 SPPs – 1148 MW; 37 HPPs – 280 MW; 3 BioPPs – 1.77 MW).

At the end of 2022, the volume of renewable energy production amounted to 5.11 billion kWh (wind farm - 2.4 billion kWh; solar power plant - 1.76 billion kWh; hydroelectric power station - 934 million kWh;) or 4.53 percent of the total volume of electrical energy production. In 2023, this figure will reach 5 percent.

Last year, 12 renewable energy facilities were commissioned with a total capacity of 385 MW with a total investment of 180 billion tenge (about $374 million).

In 2023, 15 facilities with a total capacity of 276 MW will be commissioned.

From January through August 2023, the volume of trade turnover between Kazakhstan and Russia amounted to $17 billion. Exports to Russia amounted to $6.389 billion, and imports from Russia amounted to $10.611 billion.

At the same time, the volume of trade turnover between Kazakhstan and Russia in 2022 amounted to $26.123 billion. Kazakhstan's exports to Russia during the reporting period amounted to $8.78 billion, while imports amounted to $17.34 billion.

Kazakhstan's foreign trade turnover in 2022 amounted to $134.4 billion and compared to 2021 in nominal terms increased by 32.1 percent, including exports - $84.394 billion (in nominal terms 39.9 percent more), imports - $50.043 billion (20.8 percent more in nominal terms).