EU Proposals to Be Decided in Compliance with National Interests Iran president

(Fars News Agency)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Saturday said that Iran will decide upon the EU proposals in full compliance with its national interests, reports Trend.

Addressing a ceremony on the 17th anniversary of the demise of the Father of the Islamic Revolution and Founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini, Ahmadinejad noted the country's nuclear rights and stressed that the Iranian nation are students and followers of Imam Khomeini, "Therefore, they are neither an aggressor and oppressor nor let anyone oppress or aggress them."

He further described Iranians as a peace-loving nation and reminded that his nation is as calm as a large sea, demanding peace and tranquility. "But they do not bear oppression and aggression and if anybody dares to aggress their rights, then they will move to secure their rights and interests, moving like a hurricane, beating and smashing the enemies."

Stressing that Iran is demanding peace and tranquility, he reminded that some powers are unfortunately used to treating other states with an awkward literature and using a discourse of threat, "but they must know that the time of such words has come to its end."

He blasted arrogant powers which do not believe in monotheism for speaking in the language of threats to certain weaker nations.

"Open your ears and eyes. What has it benefited you after speaking to the Iranian nation in the language of threats for the past 27 years? What have you gained?"

He also blasted Western powers for threatening Iran of economic sanctions in case Tehran refuses to surrender to their demands.

"Whom are you talking with? How long do you intend to talk and collaborate with the world in this way?" the President asked, and urged the West to change its attitude and stone-age policies.

"Today, nations have matured. You should speak with nations from the standpoint of justice, equality and respect."

Turning to the dispute over Iran's nuclear program, he said Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) states have unanimously expressed support for the Iranian nation's right to access nuclear technology.

"How is it that the view of 114 NAM members is not considered that of the global community while the decision of four countries (that sit to judge Iran's nuclear case) which do not have popular support is considered the decision of the global community?" the President asked.

Elsewhere in his remarks, President Ahmadinejad said: "On the one hand, they say they want to negotiate, but on the other hand they make threats."

He stressed that Iran's policies are based on justice and worship of one God (monotheism).

He said "global justice means making global arrangements on the basis of justice."

"The great Iranian nation will not countenance force, tyranny and aggression, neither will it be denied its rights."

"We have been told that Mr. Javier Solana (EU foreign policy chief) intends to come to Iran and explain the proposals and we have heard that during his visit adjustments (to the proposals) may be made after consultation with us."

But he warned against setting pre-conditions to talks, saying "those who set conditions for talks with Iran should know that the Iranian nation will never bow to offers for dialogue from the standpoint of threats or conditions that put the absolute rights of the Iranian nation in question."

He said there are many issues that could be talked about which are sources of common concern.

Citing global issues such as "peace, security and tranquility, bilateral ties as well as respect for the principle of equality," he said these are the issues of concern for all, and Tehran is willing to discuss them with all interested parties.

"We can talk, cooperate and unite in efforts to prevent proliferation of nuclear arms and weapons of mass destruction," the President said, adding "we can find solutions to all these problems." "Today, the weakest or smallest nation will not bow to threats of bullying powers," the President went on to say.

Ahmadinejad mentioned that Tehran was not in a hurry to give its decision on the EU's new proposals to be presented by world powers on its peaceful nuclear program.

He said, "UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, in a phone call, asked me not to hurry but to study (carefully) the package (of incentives) that is to be proposed to us."

The chief executive reiterated that Tehran will not hurry but will carefully look at the proposal before rendering judgment.

"The UN chief has asked me not to say anything until the proposal has been formally presented to Iran by the 5+1 Group led by the Europeans so as not to poison the atmosphere.

"We will record all discussions and the sides should know that we will inform our dear Iranian nation of the proposals at the right time," the President said.

Saying the friends of the late Imam Khomeini "will not tire" in their efforts for the Islamic nation, he reminded the "dear Iranian nation that the right to pursue nuclear energy for civilian and other peaceful purposes is the legal and natural right of the Iranian nation."

"Today, the Iranian nation at large -- the old and insignificant, residents or expatriates, young or old -- unite in asserting the absolute right of the Iranian nation to access nuclear technology."

Referring to the current standoff on its nuclear activities, he stressed that the way was still open for talks.

"We will negotiate in a fair atmosphere and condition; and we welcome dialogue and will not prejudge the proposals that are to be presented to us this weekend or early next week."

He reiterated that Iran "will not hurry in responding to the proposals."

We will wait and see; we are monitoring their approach and will decide on the proposals later."

He said Tehran had informally learned that a set of proposals is to be presented to it and that these proposals have given rise to a host of contradictory comments.

According to the President, he had been told proponents of the offer may officially recognize the right of the Iranian nation but that he had also heard comments otherwise.

FNA reports said that as Ahmadinejad was making his speech, the large congregation of the public at Imam Khomeini's holy shrine downtown Tehran voiced full support for the President's statements by chanting such slogans as 'Nuclear Energy is our inalienable right', 'Down with the US'.

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