People shouldn’t be sacked and prosecuted for their political views, assistant to the Armenian political prisoner

Armenia Materials 12 December 2008 15:57 (UTC +04:00)

Apparently, the February 19 Presidential election in Armenia increased unemployment rate. About 500 people became unemployed after the closure of the "Bjni" factory belonging to the Sukiasyans, reported A1plus.

Samvel Abrahamyan, assistant to the political prisoner Grigor Voskerchyan who headed Levon Ter-Petrosyan's Abovian Office during the election, joined the ranks of the unemployed.

Samvel Abrahamyan worked in Haynerart bank before the offset of the campaign. Abrahamyan decided to take a leave to participate in the campaign but he was offered a higher post if he refused to participate in Ter-Petrosyan's campaign.

"Surely enough, I disagreed and was soon fired. A few months later I was offered a good job in another bank but in a short while I was forced to hand in his resignation.

The bank invests foreign capital in Armenia. Just in the beginning I warned the administration about my problems with the authorities but they didn't take my words for granted. As it was supposed the Central Bank demanded the bank's administration to discharge me from work. Though they were in utter shock they couldn't resist the pressure. Soon I resigned," tells Mr. Abrahamyan.

Abrahamyan doesn't feel sorry about losing the jobs. "Why should I feel pity? I didn't struggle to bring Levon Ter-Petrosyan to power. We, including Ter-Petrosyan, struggled for quite another cause and other values. Ter-Petrosyan has said many times that he doesn't long for power. I have been involved in the Movement since 1988. People shouldn't be sacked and prosecuted for their political views."

On the other hand, Samvel Abrahamyan is thankful to the authorities for giving him a chance to fully devote himself to the Movement. "The Pan-Armenian Movement will never fade away no matter how hard the authorities try to silence us. It won't die out regardless of the March 1 carnage, tortures, violence and existence of political prisoners in the country. The Movement will not fade away as people are discontent with the regime, as public antagonism towards the authorities is deepening and people no longer endure this dictatorship."

Samvel Abrahamyan thinks the hatred towards the authorities will decrease provided the living standards better in the country.