India keeps a close watch as Rajapaksa pushes for national unity government in Lanka

Other News Materials 5 April 2022 11:25 (UTC +04:00)

India is keeping a close watch on Sri Lankan politics after the President invited the Opposition to form a national unity government following the resignation of several cabinet ministers late Sunday night amid the acute economic crisis.

“The President invites all political parties represented in Parliament to come together to accept ministerial portfolios to find solutions to this national crisis,” Rajapaksa’s media office said in a statement. “Considering this a national need, the time has come to work together for the sake of all citizens and future generations,” the statement added.

Earlier, Sri Lanka’s education minister Dinesh Gunawardena said the country’s cabinet, except for President Gotabaya and PM Mahinda Rajapaksa, has resigned en masse from their positions at a late night meeting on Sunday. There were several members of the Rajapaksa family in the council of ministers and the protestors have targeted the family.