US to help Ukraine to enter NATO

Other News Materials 7 March 2007 16:04

(ForUm ) - The Committee of Foreign Relations of the US Senate approved the draft bill on supporting the Ukraine's accession into NATO.

The bill "NATO Freedom Consolidation Act of 2007" was approved at the Committee meeting with its head Senator-democrat Joseph Baiden.

Senator-republicans Richard Lugar, John McCane, Senator-democrat Christopher Dodd and others appeared as the co-authors of this document.

The US Congress supports the timely accession into NATO of such states as Albania, Croatia, Georgia, and Macedonia.

The bill also provides for the appropriation of funds from the US budget to these countries, within the framework of "security sphere program" for preparing for accession into NATO.

" Georgia and Ukraine have stated their desire to join the Euro-Atlantic community, and in particular, are seeking to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Georgia and Ukraine are working closely with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and its members to meet criteria for eventual membership in NATO" the bill says.

"The US Congress urges our allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to work with the United States to realize a role for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in promoting global security, including continued support for enlargement to include qualified candidate states, specifically by entering into a Membership Action Plan with Georgia and recognizing the progress toward meeting the responsibilities and obligations of NATO membership by Albania, Croatia, Georgia, Macedonia, and Ukraine" the document says.

In February the similar document was approved by the Committee of Foreign Relations of the House of Representatives.