Turkish firm develops quick sterilization device against COVID-19

Türkiye Materials 21 January 2021 22:34 (UTC +04:00)
Turkish firm develops quick sterilization device against COVID-19

A Turkish technology company operating in Ankara’s Hacettepe University has developed a quick sterilization device that disinfects money and documents and reduces the risk of COVID-19 infections from such items, Trend reports citing Daily Sabah.

After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, doctors’ warnings that paper surfaces may cause the spread of the virus have caused concern among people on the sterilization of such materials. Many people decided to switch from paper money to contactless cards during this process, while some Turkish people invented other ways such as boiling money to avoid infection.

A Turkish technology and R&D company named MSFERRO developed two different devices for money and document sterilization by using ozone technology. The founding partner of the company, Onur Haliloğlu, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that their devices have 99% accreditation for both COVID-19 and bacteria sterilization.

“The devices take fresh air from outside and transform it into ozone, which is an unstable molecule. They sterilize money and documents by circulation with ozone. It does not need additional consumables. Before the cover is opened, we vacuum and passivize ozone so it releases fresh air that is not harmful to human health. This is our basic working principle,” he said.

Haliloğlu noted that great efforts were made to apply ozone using the proper method, especially to optimize air circulation, adding that the company has a patent application for it.

He said that they are using ozone sensors to detect any leakages of ozone and to measure the ozone concentration inside the devices.

“We constantly measure the concentration with ozone sensors in order to check whether we can clean the air well, or if we are releasing clean air into the environment, and to properly sterilize the money and document samples,” Haliloğlu said.

The company contacted some of the largest Turkish banks, where money circulation occurs most frequently, to provide their devices. It is also in talks with foreign markets to sell it.

Home deliveries and internet shopping have increased significantly during the COVID-19 period. Many people eased their stress by ordering a wide range of products, mostly clothes and electronics online. However, avoiding shopping malls and stores does not mean that you are well protected from the coronavirus. Experts reiterated that customers should be very careful about cargo packages due to the virus risk.

Speaking to Demiroren News Agency (DHA), Ümit Savaşçı from Istanbul’s Medical Science University said that people should wear a mask when receiving their cargo.

"If a signature is needed, you should pay attention to the pen. As soon as we receive the cargo package, we have to throw the pen, take the product inside and wash our hands,” Savaşçı said.

He added that the coronavirus is mostly transmitted through contact.