Opposition Bloc to Hold Mass Protest to Change Political Situation in Azerbaijan

Politics Materials 28 February 2008 15:56 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 28 February / corr. Trend S. Ilhamgizi/ The Azadlig ( Liberty) opposition bloc of Azerbaijan will hold a mass protest to change the current political situation in the country. Ali Aliyev, the co-founder of the bloc said to Trend .

According to Aliyev, the bloc expects the discussions on Election Code and Law on Freedom of Assembly which is being held between the government and international structures to be completed.

"We will see what the new laws will be like and will make definite steps depending on these laws. If the laws will be formed in accordance with the interests of the government, we will hold a mass protest," Aliyev said.

Bloc Azadlig demands that the elections committees be formed on an equal basis, that there should be equal number of representatives from the opposition and from government. The government members see no need for this and therefore the current composition of the election committees is considered as the most appropriate. The 18-person composition of the Central Election Commission is formed of MPs from the majority, minority and neutral MPs. The opposition says that such a composition serves the interests of the government.

According to Aliyev, bloc Azadlig will fight to change the composition of the election committees, to provide the right to freedom of assembly and to make the society more active in connection with the forthcoming presidential elections.

"In our protest actions we will rely only on our potential. However, the other opposition parties can also join us should they wish," the co-chairman of the bloc said.

Three opposition parties are presented in Azadlig bloc, Popular Front of Azerbaijan, Liberal Party and Citizens and Development Party.