Parliament chairman: New constitution excludes political crisis in Georgia

Politics Materials 13 October 2010 13:28 (UTC +04:00)

Georgia, Tbilisi, Oct. 13 / Trend N. Kirtskhalia /

David Bakradze, Chairman of the Georgian Parliament, said that the adoption of a new Constitution a historic moment. He said that the changes exclude the political crisis in the country. Bakradze told Imedi TV that the political processes must move from the streets to political institutions.

Bakradze criticized the existing Constitution. He stated that the previous presidents were to leave their posts as a result of coups. It was stipulated by deficiencies in the Constitution.

"We can call it a historical fact. Georgia had the president elected by more than 90 percent of the votes over the last 20 years. However, the political crisis escalated into riots and he failed to complete the presidential term. The second president completed the presidential term in a similar way.

The third president was forced to resign in 2007 and call early presidential elections. That is, our whole history shows that the political model, existing in Georgia, on the one hand, does not protect against crises and on the other hand - does not settle these crises completely.

If we do not change this model, I am afraid that the next president will not be able complete his presidential term. These amendments serve to create a reliable stable system that will facilitate the political process and economic development. Political processes must move from the streets to political institutions. That is what these amendments mean, " David Bakradze said.