Narco-mafia attracts underage children in Azerbaijan to drug addition through Ecstasy tablets - UNDP Nat'l coordinator

Politics Materials 23 June 2006 15:06 (UTC +04:00)

Members of narco-mafia attract the underage in Azerbaijan to drugs through tablets Ecstasy, Trend reports quoting Mazahir Efendiyev, the head of the Division for work with law-enforcement bodies of the UNDP as stating on 23 June to a ceremony dedicated to the International Drug Enforcement Day.

According to Efendiyev, in 2006 7kg of heroin has been withdrawn from turnover in Azerbaijan. It testifies for strengthening of struggle with the drug trafficking in Azerbaijan.

However, the attraction of the minor to the drug addiction causes concerns. The age difference between the people attracted to drug addiction disappears. After taking Ecstasy tablets the children actually shift to high dose-drugs. According to the official statistics provided by the Health Ministry of Azerbaijan, there are 18,000 drugs addicts in the country. However, the figure still does not demonstrate the reality, as their real number is 10 times more than the figure that the Health Ministry indicates, Efendiyev underlined.

He also noted that over the first 5 months of 2006 95kg of drug has been taken out from the turnover and 1,146 criminals related to drugs have been registered.