Azerbaijani Football Specialist Urges Necessity for Changes in Neftchi Club

Society Materials 28 October 2008 14:15 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijani Football Specialist Urges Necessity for Changes in Neftchi Club

Azerbaijan, Baku, 28 October / Trend corr. R.Ergun / Chief coach's dismissal is not a way out to solve problems in the Azerbaijani Neftchi football club, the Azerbaijani football coaches believe.

"If leadership of Neftchi club trusts in chief coach Hans Jurgen Gede, he should continue his activity in the club. Gede needs time to realize his plans and ideas," Vagif Sadigov, a former chief coach of the Azerbaijani National team, told Trend .

There is a serious problem between footballers of Neftchi club and its German chief coach Gede. At present Neftchi ranks tenth in the Azerbaijani Premier League because of its unsuccessful performance. The leadership of the club is expected either to dismiss the chef coach or some footballers of the club during a winter break to solve problems.

The leadership of Neftchi club should explain the latest developments in the team through media, Shahin Diniyev, one of former chief coaches of the Azerbaijani National football team, said.

"Everybody, including leadership of the club, footballers and chief coach, is responsible for existing problems. However, a man, whose fault is more than others, should leave the team. The leadership of Neftchi should explain the latest developments in the team to the public through media. The team is out of spirit and footballers of the team underestimate the whole matches. Changes should be done in the team," Diniyev said.

The German coach is responsible for the current problems of Neftchi, Sabir Aliyev, a former chief coach of Ganjlarbirliyi club, believes.

"As to me, Gede should resign so that to solve problems of Neftchi club. I do not know this coach and his coach activity before he came to Azerbaijan. I believe that Azerbaijani coaches are not weaker than Germans," he said.

Frequent changes of Neftchi's coach damages the whole team, Rasim Kara, the Turkish chief coach of Khazar-Lankaran, said.

"The leadership of Neftchi should solve problems themselves. Coaches of the team are frequently changed. I think it is not a correct step," Kara said.

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