Azerbaijan's TABIB talks about importance of third dose of COVID-19 vaccine

Society Materials 2 July 2021 17:28 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijan's TABIB talks about importance of third dose of COVID-19 vaccine

BAKU, Azerbaijan, July 2

By Chingiz Safarli - Trend:

The need for the third dose of COVID-19 vaccine is on the agenda of the whole world today, Trend reports on July 2 with reference to Chairman of the Board of the Azerbaijani Management Union of Medical Territorial Units (TABIB) Ramin Bayramli.

“This issue is discussed in popular scientific articles and scientific research is being conducted at the same time,” Bayramli added. “We are closely monitoring this process and we are conducting research ourselves.”

“The laboratory in which the research is carried out within the Operational Headquarters has been equipped with the necessary reagents,” the chairman of the board said.

"During the research, it will be determined how effective the humoral immunity is after vaccination, that is, how effective the antibody response will be,” Bayramli said. “Another type of immunity is cellular immunity.”

“The preliminary results of studies carried out in many countries show that if the humoral immunity is weak, that is, if the antibodies respond weakly, then cellular immunity and memory cells remain in the blood for a long time,” chairman of the board added.

“It is good news,” Bayramli said. “If memory cells remain, then by regularly injecting a dose, it is possible to reactivate them. Thus, along with cellular immunity, humoral immunity can be activated and antibody synthesis can be enhanced."

The chairman of the board added that either a booster dose will be applied to enhance the existing effect of the vaccine or a need for revaccination may appear.

“If mutation of the virus occurs in the future, then multivalent vaccines can be made from mutated strains, just like existing vaccines against influenza,” Bayramli said.

“All of these studies will soon be completed,” the chairman of the board noted. “We have preliminary information but we should collect all the data together. The scientific information will be discussed in our Scientific Committee.”

“The decisions will be made during the next few days, after which it will be determined whether a person who has been already fully vaccinated (two doses) must receive another dose of Sinovac vaccine or this person will receive another vaccine,” Bayramov said.

“It will also become known when those who have had COVID-19 must be vaccinated again,” the chairman of the board said.