Technique purchased by Agrolizing to be delivered to Azerbaijan by end of year

Business Materials 21 June 2006 20:28 (UTC +04:00)

The agricultural techniques purchased by Agrolizing will be delivered to Azerbaijan by be given to farmers through the local the end of August. According to contract, 250 units of combine harvesters, were purchased from Rostselmash, 330 wheeled tractors from Lesato Corp, 160 catenary tractors, excavators and tractor trailers from Vento Trading Limited, 360 mowers, pressing combines and other techniques from Kometa-V. The techniques willdepartments of Agrolizing.

In 2005, Agrolizing was allocated 100 billion manats from the state budget, 8 billion out of the finance was spent on management of Agrolizing and the remaining part on purchase of agricultural techniques.

In 2006, Agrolizing was disbursed AZN 28 million, and it is planned to purchase more than agricultural techniques.