SOCAR conducts additional 3D seismic survey on Gyuneshli oil field

Oil&Gas Materials 12 December 2005 18:47 (UTC +04:00)

SOCAR suspended drilling of the N430 well from the sea platform GMSP - N13 on the shallow part of Gyuneshli due to additional 3D seismic survey in this part of the area, SOCAR, which produces hydrocarbons on this structure on its own account told Trend.

The company is supposed to resume drilling of a large N430 well after accomplishing of the 3D seismic survey. Opening of the well’s floor was expected at the depth of 3100 meters, however, it has been opened at the depth of 3800 meters. The geologists conducted analyses of the data obtained and decided to continue drilling till 3850 meters. 140 tons of mixture have been extracted from the well, from which 30% was water and the rest is the oil.

Totally 10 wells will be drilled from the platform: 8 gas wells and 2 вЂ"oil wells. The average well’s depth will be 4300 meters. By the geologists’ forecasts there are still 7-8 productive horizons, the lower ones are gaseous condensate, the upper are oil.