Red Cross gains access to South Ossetia

Georgia Materials 20 August 2008 15:55 (UTC +04:00)

The international Red Cross (ICRC) said Wednesday that after two days' waiting, its aid workers had now gained access to South Ossetia and were proceeding to the provincial capital Tskhinvali, dpa reported.

The ICRC also said that its president, Jakob Kellenberger, during a three-day trip to the crisis region, had been able to hold talks with both Georgian and Russian officials, during which he had pressed for Red Cross workers being given unhindered access.

Bringing refugees back together again is expected to be one of the most important Red Cross objectives in the crisis region, with many families having been separated while fleeing the fighting.

In addition, there is an urgent need for medications and other aid goods, particularly in the refugee centres in western Georgia, the capital Tbilisi and in Gori.