Indian Army Chief General Manoj Pande releases book ‘Men of Steel’ about leadership in armed forces

Other News Materials 17 August 2022 12:05 (UTC +04:00)
Indian Army Chief General Manoj Pande releases book ‘Men of Steel’ about leadership in armed forces

Indian Army Chief General Manoj Pande on Tuesday released a book titled ‘Men of Steel’ on leadership in the armed forces.

The book ‘Men of Steel’ is a collection of essays that examine leadership in the armed forces and provides categorical recommendations to sustain the effectiveness and ethos of the military, according to a press statement.

It is comprehensive and offers valuable insights into several aspects of this unique domain.

Spread across 15 chapters, all authors have systematically contextualised the role of military leaders, while covering the nuances of leadership at the strategic, operational and tactical levels in the back-drop of challenges of 21st-century warfare and affords further policy recommendations to make the organisation more dynamic and effective.

As the title suggests, ‘Men of Steel’ envisions a structured approach to having directive leadership, quality and visionary leaders and subordinates in the armed forces for achieving the highest standards of skills needed to deal with the challenges of modern conflict.

According to the statement, the book brings to the fore high values and perspectives on critical strategic and operational aspects wherein military leaders must play an effective role in shaping the nation’s security and destiny. These postulations reinforce the fact that strategic leaders must have a long-term vision of creating an environment of trust and ownership, which would eventually lead to optimum effectiveness and battle worthiness of the armed forces.

The Indian Armed Forces have earned the trust of the country with their professionalism, commitment, sacrifice, and courage – being the custodian of the nation’s security and well-being. Now, they need to adopt and adapt to the rapid changes in warfare, technology and the complex nature of threats.

It has been recommended that the leadership training in the academies must be reoriented to sustain our superiority despite these challenges, and to shape the most competent, capable and dedicated leaders that would carry our armed forces into the future, thereby retaining the cutting edge that the organisation demands.