Education Ministry host a meeting with students studying abroad

Society Materials 11 August 2006 17:50 (UTC +04:00)

On 11 August the Azerbaijani Education Ministry hosted a meeting with Azerbaijani students studying abroad. The meeting held at the initiative of the Education Ministry and the State Committee on Azerbaijanis residing abroad brought together students studying in different world countries, as well as representatives of the state.

Addressing the gathering the Education Minister Misir Mardanov spoke about the history of education of Azerbaijani youth abroad. For the first time in 1918 the Peoples Republic of Azerbaijan made a resolution to send approximately 100 students to receive education abroad. After Heydar Aliyevs possession to power in 1970s the Azerbaijani youth had been sent abroad to receive education in different universities within frames of the USSR. After the independence of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev took a special care to send the youth abroad and every year Aliyev hosted a meeting with these students in Baku.

The minister said that high number of Azerbaijani students study in Turkey and Russia. The Azerbaijani student also study in the United States, France, UK, Egypt, China, Japan and other countries. Mardanov noted that the achievements in Azerbaijani education, the last success of the students and pupils in the international arena.