EU observers call to implement Geneva agreement

Politics Materials 3 March 2009 20:47 (UTC +04:00)

Georgia, Tbilisi, Mar. 3 / Trend , N. Kirtskhalia / The situation over detention of two Georgians by the Ossetian armed forces demands a certain progress from the point of view of realization of mechanisms on preventing incidents. The sides reached this agreement during the negotiations in Geneva on Feb. 18, EU Observation Mission in Georgia stated on March. 3.  

David Kapanadze and Demur Chigladze, kept in Tskhinvali, were detained by South Ossetian separatist authorities with the accusation of illegally passing the borders. The Georgian Interior Ministry said two Georgians were kidnapped by armed Ossetians in the Georgian side of the administrative border and they demand €6,000 to free the hostages. Tskhinvali refutes this and states that the two men were detained after passing the administrative body of the region.

The mechanisms coordinated by the sides in Geneva envisage holding weekly, and if necessary, more frequent meetings "between the structures, which are responsible for security and law and order in the zones of tension, with the participation of appropriate international organizations".

The sides also agreed upon joint visits to intense places. "The details on the fates of the two Georgians are still unknown but it necessitates appealing to issue on passing the administrative border in systematic mode," head of the mission Hansiorg Haber said.

According to Haber, this is a lawful interest of citizens from the both sides of the administrative border to get opportunity to cross the border without detainment. Rules in this regard should be applied transparently.

"Such situations can be resolved only through regular meetings of all sides as it was coordinated in Geneva. In this way, the tension will reduce in favor of all interested sides. I hope the meetings will help prevent such incidents in future," Haber said.

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